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I didn't have much time yesterday, but we popped up to Crouch End quickly and I grabbed a few snaps. It's not a festival in the Harringay sense of a festival. So most stuff isn't on show out on the streets. You need to visit the festival website to find out what's on where. There was a nice, if understated vibe around on the streets however. Did anyone else attend any of the events?


Crouch End Festival Bunting outside Hornsey Library


Lyne Featherstone, MP, at the opening ceremony


An imporomptu picnic by some locals on Broadway Green, opposite Budgens


'Poet in a Phone Box' by Broadway Green, opposite Budgens


Budgens' 'Food from the Sky' roof garden had open house for the day


A small but good natured crowd for one of the stage acts (Apologies to the band; I didn't get their name)


One of Crouch End's Big Issue sellers gets in the groove

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Hi Hugh et al

I'm one of the 'culprits' that organised the festival! Clearly not everything went perfectly, and we have been overwhelmed with the response from people wanting to take part. We're all volunteers, and doing our best, but when originally we expected to have 40 or so events over 7-10 days, the current total is 172! Most of these came in over the last 3 weeks.

I think people also should realise that it is not a festival with one main event, rather 170 small events taking place in local venues with local creative people. Saturday's main stage was merely a sample of some of the music performers, and an opportunity to thank the sponsors. We simply didn't have the time or money to put on anything bigger.

Clearly with so many events communication of what's going on is a bit of a challenge and I should apologise to people who've struggled to find out what's happening. It is listed on the web site under 'events calendar' so you can find out about different things as they're scheduled.


There is also an information line with highlights of what's going on. 03332 407 409

We also post latest event information on twitter @crouchendfest

There are also posters of events on a hoarding outside Blockbusters, and lots of laminated signs dotted around.

And sorry hugh for not sending the guide - I was exhausted by the end of last week! Enclosed here. The events listed are only a selection - we added many more after this went to press.

Kind regards

James Bridgman


Thanks James. Culprits-schumprits! You guys have doen a grand job. Well done. These things are enormously time consuming to organise. Nothing's perfect in its first year and I'm absolutely sure that the festival will build on the strengths of this first year.




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