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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I just came across this delightful series of videos. It's published by the Chocolate Factory and tells the story a renowned British sweet maker Barratts who located in Wood Green not long after they were established in the nineteenth Century.


If you enjoyed this first video there are a series of three further videos on the Chocolate Factory's You Tube Channel.

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I've got an old sweet tin from then, check the picture below.

You can see how linked the company was with the area.

From wiki ...

'A coat of arms was granted to the borough on incorporation. The shield featured yew trees and was supported by medieval archers, recalling that Wood Green had once been an area where archery was practised. A silver and blue stripe across the centre of the shield depicted the New River. The Latin motto was nostrum viret robur, which could be translated as our strength is a tree or more appropriately as Wood Green Flourishes.[2]

Imagine a sweet tin these days not advertising the sweets but instead paying complete homage to a small local area ...

Still think it's time to bring back the archery, and have a fantastic medieval competition with old long bows ...

I recently bought David Tec Evans DVD and just watched it in full - amazing. As someone who has lived all her life (61 years so far) in Hornsey i well remember the sickly sweet smell of the liquorice and Caxton's chocolate all mixed together in the summer when the breeze came from the east to the Campsbourne estate . Didn't stop me eating the sweets though. I went on to work in Granta House (the old Social Security office, now the Jobcentreplus) next door to the MHT/Barratts building and overlooking the old Barratts factory. I wonder why they never advertised - were the family Quakers? Great memories thanks to Tec Evans research.



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