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The thread about Obergine being sold and the speculation about what kind of shop it will become, made me think about what kind of shops or restaurants I'd like to have on Green Lanes. What if we could choose, what would it be?

Friends of mine would like a Waitrose, and I used to want Pizza Express or an M&S food. But maybe a deli that sells wine, cheese etc would be nice too.

I'm very interested in what others would like, so GO!

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Thanks Julia! I haven't, but I'll definitely give it a go one day. Only problem is I'm in Bruce Grove an average of about once every couple of years! Maybe I'll go just for the trip though.

Bianca is great. I'm always baffled as to why it's not fuller. Many, many times better than Pizza Express.

Another vote from here for "Bianca." A great place and deserves a lot more business. Look after what you have got on your doorstep or you will lose it.


Where is Bianca? I've never noticed it...

419, Green Lanes. It is between Cavendish and Burgoyne Road.

Hey fellow Bianca fans, why do you think it isn't busier? I've wondered whether they might do better if they did it up a bit more - interested in what others think.

I wonder if it is just off the beaten track in evening. I think that along Green Lanes the junction at St Ann's Road, Turnpike Lane and Wood Green are three centre points of eating & drinking. Going to Bianca seems to most people like they are moving that bit too far from action.

Maybe some people need a more Italian experience. Perhaps they need someone front of house giving plenty "grazie, grazie" and speaking in hushed tones of Momma's secret recipies / olive oil etc. 

There's nothing wrong with wanting Pizza served by Italians (they are the experts)!   If my ears are tuned in correctly, there are increasing numbers of Italians (mainly Southern I think) in the neighbourhood and I'd love it if a genuine Italian restaurant run by Italians and aimed at the Italian community opened. 

Great if someone opens something superior. At the moment my taste buds tell me this food is very tasty and not to lose it while waiting for a colony of Italian artisans to arrive with their rustic recipies.

I literally had no idea it was there!

In fact last weekend after a long day, not wanting to cook and wanting something fast and not revolting (sorry papa johns & Pizza Hut) we resorted to tescos stone baked...(not that nice that nice even though we pimped them)

Had I known there was a proper pizza place! Do they do take away?

They do takeaways but don't deliver unfortunately.

Well that's got to be better than a tesco stone baked! I will check it out next time I can't be bothered to cook.



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