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The thread about Obergine being sold and the speculation about what kind of shop it will become, made me think about what kind of shops or restaurants I'd like to have on Green Lanes. What if we could choose, what would it be?

Friends of mine would like a Waitrose, and I used to want Pizza Express or an M&S food. But maybe a deli that sells wine, cheese etc would be nice too.

I'm very interested in what others would like, so GO!

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Mmm a deli sounds interesting - wine and cheese and what else?

A decent deli that sells wine would be great and a mama friendly cafe with space for small people to roam!

A deli would definitely be good. So would a fishmonger, or is there one somewhere already? Maybe a secondhand book shop.

This actually makes me realise that Green Lanes already has most of what I want pretty well covered.

Waitrose, Pizza Express, M&S Food. Haha.

Waitrose, waitrose, waitrose.

There's a 'Little' Waitrose in MH and CE and neither is that great. In CE the tills keep breaking down and trying to shop is like navigating an assault course with all the crates around waiting, interminably, to be emptied. I don't understand why it is so popular, especially as for fresh food, the local shops are SO much better in quality.

I would prefer the CE waitrose to be a big waitrose but I still prefer shopping there as it is than my nearest supermarket which is the green lanes evil tesco metro. Waitrose essential = better than tesco finest any day.

Also, waitrose refund AND replace, use self service tills that dont make you keep everything on the scales in case you steal something and you know there is no rat meat in any of their ready meals. Also, I can click and collect my JL purchases. What more do you want?

Yup. John Lewis, Waitrose parent. Tut Tut!

Yep! Its genius as there's no delivery charge and you can avoid getting one of those annoying missed delivery cards. Also there's free (yes free!!!) coffee, tea and hot choc while you shop if you pick up a my waitrose card.


John Lewis. Can we have one of those too please?

Can we have a branch of the fromagerie on green lanes too?

Whilst we are already quite well served with most of what goes on here, I do think there is room for an off-licence that isn't mainly predicted around selling cheap Polish lager (much as I am a fan of said stuff; it would be nice to be able to buy good wine in Harringay without going to Sainsbury's).



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