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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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Built by the same John Hill who built the Salisbury and all of Grand Parade in Harringay.

You can tell!

Marcel duchamp stayed at the queens which i am always reminded of when i visit the gents toilets.


Didn't know about Duchamp but I well remember when I first came to live in the area as a student in the early 70's being awestruck by the beautiful stained-glass lined rooms bursting with Bohemian types, the atmosphere thick with whacky baccy openly smoked and traded. Perhaps a legacy of the 60's when The Queens was practically the students union bar of the old Hornsey Art College, and Pink Floyd lived a few streets away in Stanhope Gardens. All that activity was summarily swept away by the brewery later in the decade, never to return.

Great anecdote, just been telling colleagues @ work 

Wonderful English pub!

I was a customer there for many years and also worked there as a barman for three months in late 1968 after finishing my degree course and searching for permanent employment.

There were some great characters among the customers and the staff. It was fascinating to see the change in the ambience of the bar from the quiet daytime customers to the "lively" evening trade whe the crowds and the music arrived.

Happy Days! 



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