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mass democracy, and the but whilst I'm at it check out the post about the far left Marxist Trots working tirelessly to save our local post-office. 


Letter in The Guardian today calling for an energetic Civic Society in the Borough. Any comments? 

• Haringey residents decided a while back that enough is enough, and the party politics simply reflects the widespread public wish for an end to Claire Kober’s misruling of Haringey council. One comfort from the Kober years is that the administration has unintentionally revitalised civic society – enthusing existing community groups and creating new ones in opposition to the council’s policies. Hundreds of people at meetings, regularly packed public galleries at council meetings and thousands on marches. That energy and passion for social improvement will serve the borough well as truth and reconciliation comes to Haringey, alongside a process of healing and improving the area. If Kober went now, the repair job could start before May 2018.
Martin Ball

Ah, I love Martin Ball. I especially like referring to him as Haringey's own Jonathan Pie.

One point I'd like to make that should be obvious but Martin only alludes to it. If these councillors and the leader were employees and they had been fired with 5 months notice, they would be sent home to spend some time in their gardens. No employer in their right mind would allow them anywhere near their desks. Councillor Kober should do the decent thing and stand down as leader.

And when enough is enough!. (Any similarities are entirely coincedental).



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