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A dog has been left outside in this weather (Seymour/Warham Road)

Dear all,

We have been hearing a dog barking at the back garden of Seymour Road or Warham Road. We are not sure who he belongs to as he has access to few back gardens between two roads. We are really concerned as the temperature will drop tomorrow.

Does anyone know whose dog he/she is?

We’ve called RSPCA for advice and also have gone to 2 flats which the dog’s owner might live but no answer….. (Ignored?)

We really don’t want any argument with the owner. We just want this poor dog to be inside the house at least this very cold period. He is a short haired dog and not suitable to live outside.

Our choice is going back to flats or call RSPCA. We are also worried if RSPCA rescue him today will he be re-homed …

Any information on this dog or suggestion is much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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i would call the rspca and tell them your worried about the dog who is out in the cold if the people who own the dog haven't been keeping him indoors in this weather then he would be better off with the rspca you could ask the rspca to knock on a few doors maybe they would be able to find the owner and talk to them i get so angry when people dont look after their pets i feel so sad for the poor dog the rspca have so many unwanted pets the chance of the dog getting re-homed right away is definitely not on the cards but at least the dog would be out the cold

The RSPCA definitely wouldn't be re-homing it immediately. In any case the dog's welfare is more important than the rights of the owners! They can go claim it back from the RSPCA if so desired, I'm sure you and/or the RSPCA could stick a letter through the flats' doors to say what happened.


Hi Julie, Leonie,


Thank you for your email. We've just got home now and the dog is still outside. We know which flat he lives now but no one seems to be there....  My husband is trying to feed him some warm food but very difficult as the dog is few flats up from where we live. (Many fences in between)





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