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Anyone know a reliable builder/decorator/carpenter that trustworthy and works autonomously without charging extontiate fees or hidden fees when the project is completed!!!

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I notice that on another thread there have been barely any recommendations for Loft companies, even though lots of houses have had them done, including myself.  Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend my loft company now either, even though they received lots of recommendations here.  All finished and  working but it's the difference between a pleasant experience and a massive pain in the jacksy that's stopping my recommendation.  I agree with Leena, sometimes it's worth paying a bit more,  you probably get a more pleasant experience.

Hi ya 

i used a guy called Freddie O

please could you DM me the name as well - just about to choose a builder. Thanks 

Hi Leena,

My name is Pat from P.J Builders. If you are still looking for someone please give me a call on. 07817464070



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