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Anyone know a reliable builder/decorator/carpenter that trustworthy and works autonomously without charging extontiate fees or hidden fees when the project is completed!!!

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Thank you for the recommendation, I've been badly let down by a builder who kept promising he would do the work and then kept stalling without explanation, will give Momchil a call and see if he can restore my faith in builders! :)

can highly recommend Niall also... check out his Facebook page below!

you can see some of the work he has done on our property

His work looks great. We'll give him a shout too. Thanks.

We're finding this process a nightmare too! Ours isn't an insubstantial refurb project but isn't anything as massive as an extension or loft conversion and half the builders we've asked round haven't bothered to submit quotes afterwards. It's such a waste of our time and theirs and ironically it's the same ones who get repeated glowing recommendations on here. Fine if the work is too piddling for them, but why don't they just say that on the phone in the first place and not bother coming round? I'm wasting so much valuable work time entertaining builders who clearly have no intention of taking the project on.

Has anyone had any dealings with Lee of LJ Buildings & Maintenence? Been recommended them by our former plumber but would appreciate any input. As with MLB, am really struggling to find a recommended builder who will do a smaller (but a big deal to me!) bathroom project

Hi Michelle, 

I would not recommend who I went for as I encountered a very traumatic and unfortunate time. I believe they are no long trading. I would advise to break up the project in specialty rather than hiring one project manager to undertake the entire job, that was our big mistake, plus it works out cheaper if you get the individual expert on the trade.

I ended up employing other workers to correct the unfinished and poor job that the original builders failed to do. So I would say  hire a plumber for any plumbing issues, painter for painting, carpenter for flooring, door installation etc. In terms of carpet and flooring, I can suggest going to carpet right at home base and they were really good at what they do and also you have a back up from a reputable company. 

Sometimes it’s worth to pay a little more as it is more cost efficient in the long term. 

Hope this helps 


This sounds awful! You poor thing. I hope it wasn't a HoL recommended trade. I've had really good experience with having someone project manage the other trades for me, but he has his own crew. 

That sounds like awful! Was it someone recommended on here? I hope you've managed to get everything rectified now. We have thought about going down the individual route and actually have all the trades we need, gathered from previous smaller jobs we've had done, but we're still lacking a builder to take down some walls, plus getting them all synched so the refurb runs smoothly means I'd have to project managing it, which I'd rather not do around work.

Unfortunately it was a guy we found HOL as he seemed like an honest guy which to be fair he was but he just lacked experience and I ended up managing the whole project whilst working full time.  

Eventually we resolved the issues after 3 months when the project should have taken a month but it wasn’t without headache and great deal of stress.

Good luck 

I understand you probably don't want to name and shame on here, but can you DM me the name? I would really hate to book the same person. I've sent you a connection. M

I would like to know as well to avoid, please. Thank you.

Me too! There doesn't seem much validity to people looking for recommendations on HoL if people can't also share the other side of the coin too so that it's balanced...



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