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Anyone know a reliable builder/decorator/carpenter that trustworthy and works autonomously without charging extontiate fees or hidden fees when the project is completed!!!

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Hi Leena

I suggest you give David O'Doherty a call on 07830119421. He's undertaken a lot of work for me and others in Haringey over the years and I've always had a quality job at an honest price. He wont do anything that is not needed and has sometimes wisely talked me out of things with a logical explanation. If there is something that he unearths (no pun intended) which can happen with large building jobs eg foundations etc he will always do his utmost to keep to his original price. In my experience the pride he takes in his work is second to none. If trust and confidence is what you are looking for it's worth getting David in for a quote but I suggest you get two or three others. If you need any before and after pics on his latest project for me feel free to send me a connection request, Good luck.

Thanks Steve, I will give him a bell

try Niall Bracey 07830 114 822 recently completed our full flat renovation project and was very reasonably priced.

That sounds really good, I will call him
I can recommend Radek Tober, you can find his details and other recommendations for him on this website / google. He charges what it costs for good quality work and itemises his quotes so there are absolutely no surprises.
I really don't want surprises as I have had negative experiences with builders of an unexpected bill!

Hi Leena

I know this post is a year old, but who did you go with in the end? We're in the process of getting quotes for a similar project.



We have used Radek Tober in the past - and he was excellent, but for our recent kitchen renovation, he was significantly more expensive  that the people we ended up going with: Simabuild. 

Momchil Ivanov (07976 224106) is just brilliant. He was recommended to me by a friend, who had also had him recommended. He leaves a trail of delighted people in his wake.

He is actually a plumber by trade, but now runs his team of trades and was transparent, communicative, and never came to me with problems without having already got a proposed solution. I will be using him again for our bathroom renovation. Our total bill was £300 more - which was all agreed in advance. On his facebook page - our kitchen is the blue one! If you'd like to come and look at his work - you'd be very welcome.

The most exciting thing we did was move the washing machine and dryer into our cellar. Transformative!

Hi Glam

Is your kitchen the one with the fabulous floor tiles as well?! We would love to have a look in person if you don't mind!



You'd be welcome! So happy to show off my kitchen. Just PM me with details and we can get in touch.

Could you share the link to your kitchen please? I am looking for a builder as well.

Thank you. 

If you go on the Simabuild Facebook page, ours is the dark blue cabinets with star tiles...



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