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For last two weeks I have noticed a bit alarming road sign next to a local Jewson shop on Wightman Road. 

There is no speed camera on Wightman Road but this sign shows something different.

Just a friendly prevention or maybe a future installation?

3 extra points on your driving license makes sometimes difference.

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Alarming why?

Drive within the maximum speed limit and you have nothing to be concerned about. Can't believe people admit to suggesting otherwise.

I've noticed the relatively new sign that lights up to tell almost every driver they're going too fast. Would love to know what its activation speed is.

What's the issue, isn't the speed limit 20mph?

The council use cameras on lamp posts

To save further obstructions on foot Way 

Possibly related to this?

"Most CCTV cameras are in fixed locations, but we also use two mobile CCTV enforcement units that patrol the entire borough enforcing parking and moving traffic contraventions. Our enforcement of Moving Traffic Contraventions by fixed and mobile CCTV camera’s is an important element to further improving the road safety of all users.

And how these mobile CCTV enforcement units would look like?

Cameras on the roof of the car or secret couple gentlemen carrying big bags?

No idea, but it would be council not Met. 

Why is this alarming? This is the speed limit after all? 

Overall it's a positive development, my wife cycles on Wightman every day and it sucks. Hopefully they will eventually install permanent ones, but I do see the wisdom of mobile ones as well to ensure motorists don't just slow down for the cameras and then revert to speeding.

I used inappropriate word "alarming" and now some of reader think that it is something wrong with this.

I am definitely for keeping the traffic at 20mph speed and would like to see the real speed camera somewhere there. Not just signs.

I drive Wightman Road every day and keep an appropriate distance from the cyclers. 

Yeah that's what I've found to be the issue here... in Australia, people generally drive under the limit, as we don't know where speed cameras are... In the UK, I can't believe there are massive yellow signs telling you there are cameras, then there's the massive yellow box and lines on the road, and then people just take off again! I would love to see some cameras on St Ann's Road, as the straight part I live on is like a the home straight at Silverstone! People travelling at super dangerous speeds there too which is obviously not great in general, but especially as there is a primary and nursery there, and a playground and park at Chestnuts, so often many kids around.

It's not at all alarming if you keep the speed limit.



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