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Has anyone else seen the signs (by the SNT) in various grocers on Green Lanes not to sell eggs and flour to under sixteen year olds leading up to Halloween?

I can only assume that some anarchic, mass pancake making, exercise was planned by young tykes in Harringay. Any one else know anything about this?

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Unless you get the eggs off your windows quick (trick!) it is hard to get it off the next day.
Not unless your a vegan trick or treater, it's just not the same!
It is indeed to discourage the nasty side of tricks on Halloween. Last year some police forces went as far as to say the law would treat egg throwing at people's houses seriously.
Not to give them ideas but there's plenty of dog poo in the passage they could use?
It's not difficult for shopkeepers to ask a couple of questions to work out what they want it for. If there's a gang of teenagers off to bake cakes, then sell them eggs and flour; if they don't seem like home-baking types, don't sell.
Not rocket surgery.



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