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I just found that somebody had tried to break into my car last night. The driver's door was bent back at the top and had a big gap between the door and the body. Luckily enough I am a burly sort of chap and managed to realign it, but it has left me understandably irate. I have noticed a few patches of glass on our street (Cavendish Rd) recently where I would guess windows have been smashed. I know there was a post about Hewitt Road a while ago, but was wondering whether there is a growing trend, or is it just coincidence/bad luck?

Also wondering whether or not to report it to the police. I didn't lose anything, but will they add it to their statistics??

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Report it. They will add it to their statistics.

That's all they will do but somewhere, sometime, somehow it may register.

I had two vans stolen in 4 months from Wightman Road and had them broken into several times. I can't afford to run a van now.
Were they perhaps parked in disabled parks? Whenever I see glass in my street it's after a nice stormy night and it's all the disabled badges...
a car window was smashed in Falkland RD last night
A friend had his car stolen from outside my house on Beresford Road half a year ago. There was a fair bit of broken glass on the street around then but haven't noticed any recently. Never saw anything like that when I was living on Chesterfield Gardens last year. Perhaps the ladder is more prone what with the Haringey Passage affording a rapid escape route/lurking spot?
Interesting point, jokerjoe. Does anyone know if the broken glass is mostly seen near the passage?
same thing happened to us when we lived on stapleton hall road - happened 3 times. report it to the police. we did and they wanted to come and dust for fingerprints - however it took them 3 days to ask if they could and we had fixed it by then as couldn't have left it like that.

our neighbour on SHR did confront some kids who were trying to break into his girlfriend's car and they threatened to slash him if he reported them.
Ha ha, we used to live there too. Nice and quiet traffic wise and although there was no passage (STOP DEMONISING THE PASSAGE!!) there was a fair bit of "property" crime. Somewhere I have pictures of the Queen reopening St Aidan's after the fire...
I guess I was just unlucky. For the most part I haven't had a problem, just hope this was a one-off.



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