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The other day I stopped briefly for a few secs at a bus stop (yeh, I know I know) at 9 pm to look at directions to where I was going on a map. There was no traffic and no buses, then I drove on.

A camera got me and I am appealing - which I generally do these days. But looking through the Haringey parking enforcement website I came across this a list of cameras in Green Lanes - so thought it might be useful:
A105 Green Lanes by B150 Endymion Road N4 7am - 7pm Mon - Sat. 10am - 4pm Sun Mon - Fri. 7am - 10am 9750
A105 Green Lanes by B152 Saint Ann's Road N8 7am - 7pm Mon - Sat. 10am - 4pm Sun Mon - Fri. 7am - 10am 9753
A105 Green Lanes by Kimberley Gardens N4 7am - 7pm Mon - Sat. 10am - 4pm Sun Mon - Fri. 7am - 10am 9752
A105 Green Lanes by Park Road N8 7am - 7pm Mon - Sat. 10am - 4pm Sun Mon - Fri. 7am - 10am 9754
A105 Green Lanes by Rutland Gardens N4 7am - 7pm Mon - Sat. 10am - 4pm Sun Mon - Fri. 7am - 10am 9751
A105 High Road Wood Green by Ewart Grove N22 7am - 7pm Mon - Sat. 10am - 4pm Sun Mon - Fri. 7am - 10am 9755

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One law for us, one law for them eh ?

Note two empty parking bays in front of the van.

Well funnily enough I appealed against a parking fine in Stroud Green year before last - parked outside estate agents for approx 30 secs on single yellow - got ticket - he was lying in wait - must have hidden in a doorway - a week later driving past same spot I see a shiny Jaguar parked in exactly same spot - walking past, completely ignoring Jag - 2 traffic wardens (backhanders from a local store manager springs to mind, I may of course be totally wrong...).. so I took pic with mobile and sent in with my appeal - it went to court and Haringey offered no evidence, so I won....heh heh...
Pic shows camera Smart car

Parked on yellow, within restricted hours, on a corner, blocking view from traffic joining from side road. Shouldn't the Council set a good example to us sinners ? :-)
Oh you're good...... can I use thes pics?
Well I'm wondering if they're going to throw the data protection book at me ? Let me fix it first.

Like this.
oh that is v clever...now i can use it..
We saw this very strange Smart car on Endymion Rd this afternoon, but it moved too fast for me to get snap so well done John for getting a shot.
further more, as they say, I found this on the website - the law has changed:

*Parking attendants will now be referred to as Civil Enforcement Officers
*Local Authorities are now required to publish their policies online.
*The wording on the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be changed to reflect the TMA
*There will be an increase in the time allowed to pay a static CCTV Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) at the reduced rate from 14 to 21 days.

To reduce abuse of the Blue Badge scheme, which gives parking concessions to disabled people, powers have been introduced for civil enforcement officers to inspect the validity of Blue Badges. A number of successful operations have already been jointly undertaken with the Metropolitan Police.
*Local authorities will be expected to provide more detailed information on how to appeal or challenge a PCN
SNT have been priortising the abuse of Blue badges (disabled) and finding a fair amount of fraudulant behaviour going on.



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