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I thought I must be imagining it. I heard the sound of a steam train on the GNR. Nah, I thought - then I looked out of my window and sure enough saw clouds of steam moving along the railway. How charming.

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Here is a nice clip of an A4 engine, in use in and out of King's Cross until the middle of the 1960s. The A4s had an unusual 'chime' sounding hooter, which can be heard on the clip.. This was a very common 'background sound' in Harringay, as engines were required to sound off when passing Hornsey station when travelling towards KX.
The A4s were replaced in the 1960s by the Deltics.. Very fast but also very loud.. the sound of their engines could also be heard in Harringay, in fact with a good west wind at night in Tottenham too!
This was an older steam train - a real chuff-chuff noise.
I saw a bright Shiny Mallard being warmed up just past Hornsey Station on the way to work a month or so ago.
Thanks - that's probably it then - sounds like it wasn't running to schedule - bet it wasn't that way in the old days.

The prices seem quite reasonable - a day trip return to York, for example ranges from about £50 to £200, f you go for the full Pullman experience. Last night's was a special going all the way to Edinburgh and back over two days for around £200 basic.
Aha, that explains it - like John I saw looking something like 'Sir Nigel Gresley' a month or so ago but just outside Harringay station.
I just heard this too! Like Hugh I thought I must be imagining it. No chance to look out the window to verify, though, as I live closer to the bottom of the hill.
That was me, walking back up the hill from Tesco.
Here'a a clip I came across of the train going through Finsbury Park.



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