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With Ken Livingstone's brainchild Hovis Freewheel starting off from Finsbury Park this weekend (London Frewheel Site), all eyes are on the bike.
What's Ken up to? Look to Paris and you may get a clue. Originally ridiclued, Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe's bike rental scheme Velib has seen a massive 3.7million rides in its first two months. Now Ken and other city leaders around the world are getting on the cycling bandwagon. Mr Livingstone has ordered a consultation on a rental scheme for the Big Smoke.

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Sorry to disappoint you all... Ken Livingstone and his advisors saw the scheme first here in Berlin, last year or the year before, when the Mayors of Berlin, Paris and London got together for the first time.

The scheme has going for about three or four years here in Berlin. I'll go out later and get a couple of shots of our bikes..
Here in Germany, the scheme called "call a bike" is managed and run by DB (German Railways) and is open for anyone to use, not only railway customers.
Here is the link again :"Call a Bike"
and here's the promised photo of the bikes used in Berlin's "Call a Bike" System.
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