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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

As part of a borough-wide consultation, representatives of Haringey NHS Primary Care Trust attended last Tuesday's Area Assembly to consult on the proposed changes. Both speakers had something of a rough ride, but I thought they coped professionally and managed to give useful info in an easy-to understand way.

Now I've seen the consultation reports and even skimmed through them, but I still didn't really understand what's being proposed. Maybe I'm a little more dense than I realised, a lazy reader or there again perhaps the changes weren't well explained. So here it is for any of you who may be in the same boat:

In essence the changes propose some centralisation in the delivery of primary care in the borough (primary care is the activity of a healthcare provider who acts as a first point of consultation for all patients. Generally, primary care physicians or nurse practitioners are based in the community, as opposed to the hospital. Alternative names for the field are "general practice" and "family medicine", although the terms are not synonymous.) The aim is apparently to increase the range and quality of healthcare provided on a primary basis. This changes have been driven by concerns that there are too many substandard GPs surgeries and that too many treatments that could be delivered through primary care are currently being delivered by hospitals.

The proposed changes will be effected through the opening of six super-health centres through the borough. This will be accompanied by the closing of some inadequate GP’s surgeries, mainly through natural wastage.

The upside should be improved local primary healthcare facilities with a reduced need to travel to hospital fro a range of treatments. The downside will be increased travel times for some people when a local GP surgery is replaced by a more distant super health centre.

The more rational sounding audience members at the Area Assembly seemed broadly to welcome the changes. But all were cautious and worried that insufficient funding would impair the potential of the new super-health centres. Concerns were also aired about the performance of some established health practices. These concerns were acknowledged and effecting improvements is apparently part of the strategy.

If you want to know more, check out the PCT’s page on the issue at Primary Care in Haringey Consultation

The other speaker at the Assembly gave an interesting report on health in the borough. A detailed report showing issues by area was also made available. This can be accessed at .
Haringey 2006 Health Report

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