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I am horrified!
Hang on... some of us were looking for Green Lanes to be pedestrianised a while ago... where was that traffic going to go?

Perhaps a big "cut and cover" style tunnel from Wood Green to Endymion Rd for all those people who drive through where we live but don't even want to see it looking nice.
And some of us weren't. Did you see the bit where they point out the implications about heavy good vehicles travelling down Lausanne Road?
:) You know, it's not the trucks I really object to, it's the trucks AND the speed hump. One of them has to go. I came quite close to asking one of the police officers handing out anti-terrorism leaflets why they were not over the other side of the station talking to the truck drivers...
So, guys no one's picking this up??

In the HoL survey earlier this year traffic came out as the number one issue. Here we are being given a strong indication that traffic may well increase on Wightman and therefore almost certainly on all Ladder Roads and we're not going to react!

Alternatively, we could look at this as an opportunity to say to the Council, "Look you've got a big plan in place. It's likely to impact on traffic in Harringay. We've been asking for a traffic survey and action on traffic here for years. We demand that you make this part and parcel of the Wood Green plan.

The consultation closes on 27th June. Please add your thoughts to the post about what we should do.

A little rant about Harringay Green Lanes

6 years ago, my then 9 year old son was knocked over outside his school. He was crossing behind a poorly parked van and had to push his self outside in the road to get hit by cars speeding past North Harringay School. He only broke his arm. The campaign to slow traffic on the ladder gained more momentum after my son's accident. All the streets were made one way and humps put in. Not sure why. Some streets were wide enough not to have to be one way. Some streets were too steep to really justify humps. Alas the non listening council went ahead with their plans. They interpreted so called consultation in a way that everyone was dissatisfied. The icing on the cake was renaming the Ladder to the Ladders. Do I care about traffic, hell yes! What I don't want is more of the crap that sees the Gardens having peace and quiet and the rest of us having hell past our homes day and night.

Let’s face it, no one wants traffic on their roads but I would like to see something more sensible and more even and balanced. Why should the Gardens be super peaceful while my child remains at risk from serious traffic down these roads? Green Lanes is the only main artery through this side of the borough. There are railways and parks that keep us in our place and remind us that we're not in Tottenham and definitely not in Crouch End or Kansas. That also means that this area doesn't have the “Featherstone effect”. No member of parliament routing for us. We don't have the perceived unemployed-gun-knife-Crime-Street- hanging teens as in Tottenham; so the perception is, we get nothing from government and council. We don’t have the “Lammy” hanging out with the folk from the Gardens and the Ladders either. He has to deal with the Tottenham perception, allegedly. We don't get regeneration money to make the place look and feel better. There are no well heeled actors putting their face to campaigns this side of the track to make life a little better for the children of Harringay who don’t have the dosh to buy in Crouch End or Muswell Hill and Highgate. Let’s face it the traffic maybe high on people’s agenda but in reality there is so much around us to stress about when you live in Green Lanes.

I hate having to walk past large groups of men just hanging out on corners blocking the pavement. I hate the fact that Lammy seems to have more important things to do than to look around him and see the crap that Green Lanes is descending into. It’s always been odd having more late night mini marts than anywhere else on the planet. Now we are to have more betting shops than anywhere else, more internet cafés and money sending shops. How comes the parking is welcomed enforced not even in rush hour? That may help to keep traffic moving. Sometimes I hear my neighbours say that “it is what it is”. This means there’ nothing we can do about it. I don’t happen to agree but let’s not nimbyfy this issue. Traffic does have to go somewhere and yes I agree we can’t have humps and traffic. Let’s look again at the Gardens being cut off. I still have to pay council tax the same as everyone else despite the great chance of increased risk to me and my family.
Feeling better now..........

Traffic will always be a problem in areas that have been build in years past

As population grows - peaople need to move around and people want access in and out of their properties

What might suit some is guaranteed not to suit others

A Few weeks ago Westbury Avenue was Closed due to water works
Traffic was diverted via Gladstone Avenue

Was hell for the weeks of work

But it had to go somewhere .........

Indeed traffic does have to go somewhere but it should be fair and the interventions made by the Council have ensured that it is not. Wightman Road used to be a normal residential street until several past initiatives on closing or narrowing other roads turned it into a madness which has blighted the quality of life of the residents of that street. More traffic on Wightman means more coming down and up most ladder streets. I live in Pemberton and the traffic coming off Wightman and down my street, which has an Infant school and soon a Childrens centre, has got steadily worse.
The issue is fairness and some understanding by Councillors and officers that if they take it out of one street they put it in another. One would think that was simple. Having looked at the partial ban on through traffic in Councillor Brian Haley's street I am proposing to sell up and move next to him. The trouble with this stratagy is that I may have to keep moving after each election.
I live on the same street as Councillor Haley - in the house nearest the junction with Wightman Road. The thought of more traffic on Wightman Road fills me with dread - more traffic noise, day and night, and even harder to cross the road on the way to the park. If it makes you feel any better David, our road, being the only two way street on the ladder, is where everyone comes to do their 3 (if you're lucky) point turns when they're lost - before speeding back off up Wightman Road. What with that and the customers of the car stereo fitting shop that shares our road its not the quiet no-thru road I'd hoped for.
I'd love to have my say and be a part of the consultation process, is this possible? This is the first I've heard of the Wood Green plan so I don't know any of the background/history......
Thanks for the feedback.

I completely agree that the traffic problem isn't going to go away and that it does need to be handled more sensitively, imaginatively and certainly in a more even-handed way.

I posted a link to an on-line consultation portal last week in this post.

I wonder if we oughtn't to establish an on-line petition. Any thoughts on that?
Petition sounds good.



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