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A petition would help but the getting wording right will be difficult. We need to find to find a consensus. Maybe a group should meet to write it. Or maybe we should try and use this site to write it and then get support for it through this site.
petition please
Petition is a start!
A starter for 10:

"We, the undersigned, residents of Harringay demand/request that Haringey Council builds into its Wood Green Plan, Haringey Heartlands plan and its other borough planinng full consideration of the knock-on effects of traffic to Harringay.

Many residential roads in Harringay, in particular the Ladder Roads, including Wightman Road, have been blighted by increased traffic and rat running over the past ten years. Little has been done to address the issue, despite repaeted requests from residents. Our quality of life is suffering and we require that the Council takes action to reduce the unacceptable traffic flows through our narrow residential streets."
cleaned up a bit we might have something
well done
focusocracy = policy driven by focus groups
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