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Has anyone looked at the Draft Plan [consultation] documents on the Haringey website. There seems to be an impetus in the Council to make traffic flow through the Shopping City - and consequently down Green Lanes - more difficult. For those travelling north-south the rat run effect will push them through the new link road and down Wightman Road. Or maybe that's part of the Plan?

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Can you pinpoint for members (and me) where in the document the traffic porposals are outlined. Thanks.
i'm struggling to see that part of the plan, but i've only skimmed it so far, and anyway, i'm sure Bojos new and wonderful plans for public transport will mean there'll be less cars on the road anyway.
Page 30 is interesting. "As part of TFL's 3G strategy, the Council will consider the concept of a bus only High Road during daytime shopping hours subject to further investigative traffic modelling work". [Their bold type]

Also replacement of bus lay-by's with bus stop clearways and prioritisation of bus movement.

Page 33 - 'removal of left filter lane adjacent to River House.......'

If you put these together and think where would traffic from Palmers Green down Green Lanes go when it gets to Wood Green station if the High Road is bus only, I can only see one option. A new right turn onto Station Road round through the new link road and down Wightman Road?
Thanks Paul. Useful observations from an obviously thorough reading.

Are you planning a co-ordinated response to the consultation? It runs till 27th June.
Will you be charged for driving through the "bus only High Road" during daytime shopping?
Bus only High Rd .... good! Just what I've thought should happen. I might be able to cycle up there a bit more safely. Though I doubt very might they've thought of designated cycle lanes.
I am happy to cycle down the bus lane in the morning. There are not many busses and they all stop regularly. Sometimes the black cabs can be a problem. I thought they were only allowed in the bus lane if they had a fare... is that right? I don't think there's room for a designated cycle route down the high road.
They could take up some of the footpath. It's far too wide.
....... in the report widening the pavements along the High Road to improve things for shoppers is included as an aim .............
Isnt the pavement in woodgreen high street wide enough? I never seen such wide pavements. Council could easily carve out cycle lanes in them, like the ones in Berlin, has anyone else seen them? Or even just paint cycle lanes on the pavement, but that would be far too imaginative for the council they'd need atleast several years of meetings to come up with any decent solutions.
And pay out loads of money to consultants.
This is madness. The High Road and Green Lanes is an arterial road. Wightman Road is already congested as a relief road. Please let me know if there is a consultation. I will be there



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