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Can Anyone Recommend a Reliable, Cheap, CORGI Registered Plumber.

hello. I am a boiler. I can heat a house, but I refuse to produce hot water, despite being hit, pleaded with, twiddled, and researched. I am a Worcester Type Boiler, 24CDi, and although I want to please the owners of my house, I just can't seem to produce the minerals.
If you are someone who can help me, or know someone who can fix me, for a reasonable price, can you let my owner know, as this has now been going on for six weeks now, and he is beginning to get a bit smelly.

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Yes. Call Rob Murray on 07803 014181. Tell him Calvin sent you. Based in East Finchley and very reliable. Lovely bloke. Not sure about cheap because I've always used him but he won't rip you off (no dodgy call-out fees etc.). Best bet is to get your boiler from A1 Boilers up off the North Circular - he'll be able to advise you more.
Our boiler stopped working last night. I called Rob this morning, and my boiler was up and running again, and fully serviced by lunchtime. Really thorough job at a good price. Very pleased. Thanks for the pointer, Bushy!
Hello Bushy,
Thank you for the recommendation.
I tried to ring Rob Murray's number and it was not recognized: does anyone have another number?
Thank you.
I just called Rob - it's definitely working. He had some glitch last night which may have meant it was temporarily unavailable. So do try him again.
I’d recommend Gary from ‘1A Action Plumbers’ in Tottenham. I don’t think he’s the cheapest ever but he’s honest, reliable and will just do the repairs you need.

Mobile: 07767667710
try Ted Kelly at 07802 410485. He's honest, and great with boilers, came recomended and I have no hesitation in recomending him.

Another big thumbs up from me for Rob Murray. Lovely bloke who really cares about his clients. Sorted out our boiler after 5 visits from British Gas!

From us too - Rob Murray is fantastic - I've recommended him serveral times to friends and they've followed suit - really good and really reliable!!



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