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For years I driven past that that huge "castle" just to the south of Manor House and for years I've been telling myself I ought to go in and have a look. It was only recently I learned that there's a climbling centre.

So today on the way back home we pulled in and had a walk around.

First off we went to the West Reservoir, which is...a big empty reservoir. The outlook is not stunning; it's mainly ringed by council blocks. But still, it's a nice open space, apparently used for sailing and swimming - but not much evidence of people around today. The original pumping station still stands with wonderful old equipment in the entrance hallway (If you haven't quite grown up yet, you can throw chuncky elctronic switches and twiddle knobs to your heart's content).

A short stroll away is the "castle". Once inside your're faced with a maze of climbing walls scattered around on three or four levels. I was told that it wasn't busy today, but it certainly looked it to me. Everywhere you walk there's people scrambling up climbing walls. It was like suddenly everyone's gone monkey. Almost surreal. Great to walk around and I'm tempted......

If you haven't had a look around, it's worth a peek. I'm not sure if you're supposed to just walk in, but no one seemed to mind.

The centre's website is at www.castle-climbing.co.uk

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The reservoir it's not for swimming as far as I know, but it's good for sailing and canoeing.

Worth going to the new (well opened last summer) cafe in the pump station house on a sunny day and enjoy a drink by the water.
I go sailing there with the North London Sailing Association http://homepages.rya-online.net/nlsail/ which uses the watersports centre equipment on Sunday mornings. They have one of the watersports centre staff for safety, but you have to be at at least RYA 2 to use them. The centre does run courses to get to RYA 2 which are good fun (my other half did it).

There is also a canoe club http://www.castlecanoeclub.org/ which I think has a very similar arrangement.

The only issue with the sailing is that there are a lot of high buildings around which means the wind direction can come from anywhere!

The cafe is very good - and the selection of food is really impressive given it's size.

The bike repair place on the forecourt, bikemech, is worth knowing about too.
Yes, the cafe is lovely. I think you can hire the pump house for parties and things ...
The reservoir was used in an episode of Primeval.
I like the cafe on a Sunday morning after a jog by the river and reservoir. Really chilled.

Hugh - it is known as the best climbing centre in london, amongst climbers- absolutely fab- i used to go bouldering all the time there and even won a price and got quite good,- its basically scurring up boulders=not sure i could do it now- but yes they are happy or you to go in to the cafe

And yes Bikemeck outside is great although he isnt keen on fixing old broken bikes like mine



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