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Finsbury Park's in Harringay Ward, but it doesn't feel like it..........

.......(yes, I am it again).

Well, look, it's just that the whole park's in our ward, supposedly in our manor, on our patch, but what do we get by way of entry access? A little gateway right on the edge of the borough boundary on Green Lanes.

I suppose it's because the north eastern part of the park is separated from the rest by the new river and that part is used as a baseball pitch.

Call me an old loon, do, but I think we'd feel much more like the park was in our manor if we had a Harringay entrance. I've often said that it's a shame that we have no major public space in Harringay. So, having grumbled to myself about how there ought to be a Harrringay Gate, I thought about that baseball bit of the park on the corner of Endymion. I don't want the guys to lose their pitch, but it could easly be resited and then we could create a public space for Harringay in that corner........maybe a nice little bridge over the river - now much of it's open to the public anyway, there's no need to keep it fenced off any more.

So, am I just a loon or does this idea appeal to anyone else?

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Thanks Neil. Makes sense.
Great to get the information about the softball - we had some great times last summer watching from the sidelines and its good to know more about the Mets.

I really like the idea of trying to do more with the American garden. Never quite sure what that bit of the park is about, apart from just being a space for dog owners! That said, I did see some kids playing cricket there a fair bit last year and I generally think its good to keep lots of open space.

Must admit we always bypass the playground there as the stuff in it is for older kids (don't think anything there for toddlers, which is a shame).

The thing that has always struck me (from a purely selfish point of view of someone who lives midway down the 'ladder') is how pointless the positioning of the existing Harringay/New River entrance is. It would make sense if you could just stroll all the way down the passage - but of course you can't get through after Umfraville Rd because of the Railway Fields reserve - so you have to detour via Green Lanes or Wightman Road. So assuming we can't really have another GL gate, for all the reasons already mentioned, any support for a gate up nearer the Wightman Rd roundabout? Any further west and it would be too near the main Stroud Green gate - and any further east it would be too near the existing New River one.

P.S Anyone know if they have finished the resurfacing work on the New River path??
A Wightman Rd entrance might be a bit dodgy for pedestrians given the traffic layout there.



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