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I like the way the staff here have made going to the Recyling Centre a pleasant and hassle-free experience. It's always clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. They're also keen on the recycling part, and often keep a bit of re-useable stuff out for people to take - books, tiles, furry toys, Christmas trees in pots, etc. Apparently, most of the re-useable stuff goes to charity - they just put out a few bits and pieces because people like it, because it's crazy to dump stuff in the waste containers if someone else can use it. What's more, having a few things out in this way is also a reminder to us all to recycle where we can.

Yesterday, I complimented them on all this. They were so pleased to have positive feedback. But it seems there are people in the council who are not keen on their interpretation of recycling. So, if you like what the Centre's staff have created there, please let them know and give them some positive feedback.

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Any links for the centre? I Googled Hornsey recycling and could only find an Islington-run one on Hornsey Street or Haringey's one on Hornsey High Street.

Well done on giving the positive feedback. I think many people do jobs or fulfill roles where they rarely get positive reinforcement. I too have been surprised at how powerful a little good feedback can be.
I hear they put out bicycles too for reclaimation but, that it's done quietly, on the side. Never understood why. Now I do. It's probably some H&S bod who doesn't like this idea for fear of someone injuring themselves and then having a go at the council.
I went there for the first time the other week and also thought it was great. The woman who helped me was very cheery and courteous and showed me a better place to put the 7 (!) bags of recycled paper we'd brought along. Noticed too that you can drop off a bunch of other things like household goods which I think is fantastic. So here's some positive feedback from one happy user!
You can take any electrical goods there too. It's now the law! Old or broken lamps, computers, game consoles, kitchen electricals, stereos etc.
Where is it please guys?
35 High Street (opposite Greig City Academy)
N8 7QB

Thanks ea. I had just been trying to clear that up since the post title mentions Horney Road.
It's a great place, with really helpful staff. I was delighted when it opened - I'd been taking all my stuff to one in Camden that is very similar.

My only suggestion would be that they sell compost made from all the green waste that is recycled by local coucils. They do this in Camden. Mind you, that might explain where all my new exotic weeds have come from ...



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