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See Penny's recent comment originally posted on Meet the Locals but now moved to Cafe Lemon, Green Lanes in the Local Cafe & Restaurant Recommendations group . Does anyone else wish we had a more diverse (is that the right word) Green Lanes?

Penny Commented:

I absolutely agree, Cafe Lemon is also my favourite - it is so great to have a friendly, stylish, female-friendly, cross national cafe down the road and the food is delicious! At last our local businesses are beginning to recognise that the Harringay demographic is not entirely consistent of gamblers and elderly Turkish men who want their male only joints!

Irfan - I reckon Harringay could also support any/all of the following:
- Gift/card shop
- a more broad-based deli (we are spoilt for choice for Turkish and Eastern European but apart from a limited range at Baldwins. Sainsbury's is our only other option for Italian goodies, or a trip to Crouch End!).

Which reminds me; I've rather neglected that page. I've had one suggestion the other day for another local who could be featured (thanks H) and have a few more in mind. Any other candidates? I'm thinking interesting, characterful, surprising rather than focussing on the gros bonnets.

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Any chance of mutton? And how about marrow bones? Well done on getting Label Anglais chickens by the way - superb.
Sorry, my Woolies/Iceland comment was in response to an earlier contribution from Ruthe, so it's slightly displaced.

This is a very old post and came up in my search for kitchen fitters, but I'm curious to know if Nat ever opened his restaurant with a "Modern British influence"? I'm pretty sure I haven't seen anything like that around...



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