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"Metrobet" (corner of Warham) Gambling Licence Application Goes to Appeal

This is where it starts to get really difficult. As expected Metrobet have lodged an appeal at the magistrate's court against Haringey Council's decision last year to refuse their gambling licence application.

The appeal will be heard on 26th & 27th February. Ian Sygrave (LCSP) and I have been asked by Haringey to appear as their witnesses.

So, please make a note to touch wood and keep your fingers crossed for Harringay on those days.

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Hi Hugh

Was the plan to open this in the old bank on the Warham/Green Lanes junction? I can't believe what is happening round here with betting shops - it seems completely insane. Do please let me know if there is anything that we can do. I read with interest the piece in the Guardian last weekend about another local campaigner against them, but I had no idea that one of the ones he mentioned where the application was refused was for somewhere so close to home. Surely there can't be this much demand for gambling round here?

It does seem insane. But, for once, the Council have turned out to be the good guys. I think they're as keen to find a way of minimising the number of new shops as we are. The problem is with the crazy new legislation that opens the floodgates. You could let Lammy know how you feel.

I guess the demand must be there. Whether, it's there at a sufficcient level to sustain the number of betting shops planned is another matter. But I'd rather not test that out. What is certain is that the profits are huge. One of the councillors for Hackney told me that a shop in Chatsworth Road was turning over £2m a year. Incredible.

With regards to your supporting local action, I think for the time being the big fight will be in the courts. I'm sure in the future we'll all need to act together again. Peter, the guy in the Guardian, has been with us through the fight. He's on this site as "Peter" should you want to contact him. I know that he's already had two suggestions of protesting outside the magistrate's court next month and using the Guardian article as a springboard for a national cmapaign.
Yes, agree that Council really don't have many options. Such a stupid change in legislation. I will get in touch with David Lammy, thanks.
I conducted a petition a few months ago on betting shops in the area and was surprised by the number of people who didn't care or who actually wanted them. I have also written to David Lammy.



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