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Hello all,

A planning application has been made for the old Queen's Head Pub (currently Dogtas furniture showroom) on Green Lanes, facing Ducketts Common. The application seeks consent to extend on both sides of the current pub into Green Lanes and Frobisher Road to allow room for 9 flats to be created on the levels above the shop. I have no connection to it, apart from being a local resident. 

It's a locally listed building, and an important part of the street scene so if you'd like to take a look at the plans and comment they are out for consultation now, here;



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Thanks for flagging this, Costa. 

All the Victorian interior was stripped out back in 2012 despite the evidently meaningless planning condition to keep the ground floor as a pub.

A local listing demotes:

a building or structure of architectural or historic interest which makes a valuable contribution to the character of an area, but does not qualify for inclusion on the list. These are non-designated heritage assets.

Additional conservation considerations are given to the alteration of these buildings and the council will seek to ensure that the special character of such buildings is protected and enhanced.

The elevations attached to the new application seem to preserve the pub exterior. I think that's about as much as we can hope for.

It would appear from the proposed ground floor plan that the original pub layout and bar still exists.

I wonder if they're hoping that the new cohort of councillors don't remember the pub or the controversial strip out over a weekend. It would be great to force them to reinstate the the pub and both gardens (front and side) as conditions of planning approval. They're going to redevelop the old cinema at some point, so it would be good to put a marker down now rather than to loose the side garden to the cinema development. 

Looking at the plan, I can see why you might say that, but I've been in to Dogtas and any sign of the old pub seems to be long gone. Perhaps it's just well hidden.

It's exactly the same layout from the "existing" plan in the list of drawings on the planning web site. So it must be true! It's all still there! Maybe your eye deceived you, Or is it a slip of the mouse? Or perhaps a fleece over the planning committees eyes.

It’s certainly not evident, but it could have been cunningly disguised. Let’s hope you’re right. I’ll drop by at some point when I’m passing. 

Naaarrh, it's al gone. I'm very sure, they filleted the place.

Hugh, just as an aside. After seeing the old photo you posted of the tram stop island in front of the queens. I noticed that the kerb stones are still there, pub side of the pavement at the bottom of the front garden wall. Curious how these little things just don't get moved, but lovely when you spot them.

Thanks, I’ll take a look. 

A few objections were made, including one disputing ownership of, and covenants on, the land. Should be interesting to see what the officer makes of it. 

Oooo that sounds interesting.

i'll go take a look at the objections

You're welcome Andy, agreed! Wasn't aware of the history of them taking things out and breaking covenants. Very interesting

The Queen's Head forecourt used to be a bus terminus in the early days of Motor buses.  In Horse bus days, it was usual to use public houses inns and hotels as termini, because of the need to water and feed the horses.    Early route 13, not today's 13, used the Queen's Head in 1909. It was a forerunner of the 29, which commenced in 1911. The buses are German (Berlin) built Büssing chassis with British built bodies and were worked by Battersea Garage (B). The 13 wasn't succesful and was withdrawn in September 1909.



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