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Comment by StephenBln 17 hours ago

Hi Rowena, as a small kid I was taken to what was I think the last circus in the Arena in 1958. An uncle of mine was a Judge at the Greyhound Racing from the 1950s right until the end..  and I got see plenty of Dog Racing (from the late 50s) as well as Stock Car Nights (in the 60s & early 70s).BTW, Which school did you attend? - were you on the Tottenham or the Hornsey side? The reason I ask, my sister knew a Rowena and I was wondering..? 


rowena young

Comment by rowena young 17 hours ago

Hi Stephen, Went to woodlands Park then South Grove tottenham. Also at guides at St Pauls church.



Comment by StephenBln 16 hours ago

Do you have a brother John.MY brother & sister both attended Woodlands and South Grove too. Not me tho


'rowena young

Comment by rowena young 12 hours agoI do so who are you and youre brother and sister



Comment by StephenBln 10 hours ago

If my guesses are confirmed, your brother John was in my year thro'  Woodlands, but we then went on to different schools.. and you were at school with my sister.. more details via message ..



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Yes, Mr Shepherd thumped me on the back a few times..  Once I recall, after school out on the street in front of his Rover car, after he'd heard me call him 'ole Mr Shepherd. He told me never to say that again. He was my class  teacher from September 1963 until July 1965.  He often told stories about Cumberland, where he originally came from. He also paid my parents a visit to tell them not to send me to Grammar school after passing the 11+. I presume because of the earlier incident.  He used to thump very hard with his fist and it used to hurt. He wouldn't get away with it nowadays.

My sister Sheila Potticary was at Woodlands Park from 1946. She then want to South Grove. She lives in Canada now but I will ask her if she remembers any of the teachers. 

Rowena Young...........what years did you attend those schools ?

And StephenBln........when were you at Woodlands Junior ?

I was at Woodlands Infants from 1958 > 1961, teachers names I recall are Miss Mayhew & Mrs Morrison; then Woodlands Junior 1961 until 1965. My class teachers were Miss Brummit, Mr Traue, a New Zealander, who died in 1975 and Mr Shepherd.  My sister was ten years in front of me and my brother 13 years in front. They both went on to South Grove. I was in the last year to take the 11+ and passed.  I believe Miss Rudge was the longest serving teacher at Woodlands.. she had been there in the 1940s and was still teaching into the 70s. I remember Mr Chase, Mrs Parrott and Mr Lunney too, always had a grey suit and brown suede shoes on.  I believe Rowena was in my sister's year and her brother in my year.

What you both haven't mentioned was the school play shop on the 1st floor.. It always intrigued me.

... and just for the record. The Headmistress at Woodlands Infants in the period 1958-1961 was a 'Miss' Guntrip. I recall that in the summer the first classes, 4-5-6 year olds, world sleep on rugs out in the playground after lunch.



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