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Comment by StephenBln 17 hours ago

Hi Rowena, as a small kid I was taken to what was I think the last circus in the Arena in 1958. An uncle of mine was a Judge at the Greyhound Racing from the 1950s right until the end..  and I got see plenty of Dog Racing (from the late 50s) as well as Stock Car Nights (in the 60s & early 70s).BTW, Which school did you attend? - were you on the Tottenham or the Hornsey side? The reason I ask, my sister knew a Rowena and I was wondering..? 


rowena young

Comment by rowena young 17 hours ago

Hi Stephen, Went to woodlands Park then South Grove tottenham. Also at guides at St Pauls church.



Comment by StephenBln 16 hours ago

Do you have a brother John.MY brother & sister both attended Woodlands and South Grove too. Not me tho


'rowena young

Comment by rowena young 12 hours agoI do so who are you and youre brother and sister



Comment by StephenBln 10 hours ago

If my guesses are confirmed, your brother John was in my year thro'  Woodlands, but we then went on to different schools.. and you were at school with my sister.. more details via message ..



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I remember coming  out  of  North Harringay school after taking the  11+ and being informed by the kids (who had a day off due the exam) that the King had died.

Newbie on this forum - Richard Woods, North Harringay 1948 to 1953; then fluked the 11-plus and went to Stationers. Lived at 86 Frobisher until 1964.  Family names I recall - Beaver, Broad, Warren, Bailey, Callender, Miller, Perry - do for now.

Nosing in on your comments Rowena Young and StephenBln.     Out of interest what period are you talking about ?   I attended Woodlands 56-60  and  South Grove 60-64. 

Would there be anybody out there who was at Woodlands Park during the late 40's/early 50's? I can remember many of the pupils but was trying to recall  the teachers' names.

That got me thinking Sandra.  Although I wasn't there at time you state, in my case it was 56-60, I haven't got a clue of any teachers names !     But a living memory is queuing up in playground in morning, 2 rows, to receive big spoonful of thick orange juice in one row and spoonful of cod liver oil in other row.  And spoon wasn't washed !      Another endearing memory was a daily nap on little camping style beds.  Lovely.  And label on my bed was "Little Ray of Sunshine" !   Perfect days..........

I’ve only recently joined this site and I am loving the memories. I was at Woodlands Park from 56 to 61 (Elaine Potticary then). I remember the orange juice, cod liver oil, the milk and in the afternoon nap. My bed had an owl on it. I think towards the end the headmaster was Mr Fisher. I went on to Downhills. 

I was there during that time Elaine, we must have crossed paths.  Where did you live ?

Though from memory weren't we segregated ??   Boys playground fronted the school in Black Boy Lane and girls playground at back of school ?

Great site this eh ?

Yes of course the playgrounds were separate. That explains why I can only recall the names of the girls. Do you remember Derek Jones? My cousin who sadly passed away when we were only 31. 
I lived in Beechfield Road off of Hermitage Road near the Oakdale Pub. Was there until 1972.

Derek Jones doesn't ring a bell Elaine.   That's no age is it.

I worked along Hermitage Road at United Flexible Metallic Tubing Co. around 69 -72 time.   Reasonable sized place it was.

I lived in Harringay Road, off St Anns Road immediately before Green Lanes.

The old Coliseum Cinema was on corner of my road and Salisbury pub opposite.

I moved from there in 1970, up to White Hart Lane till 72 and then out to Norfolk where I have remained.   So this is a great site for me.  Great to see old places and learn of the history.   And one day....... I might come across someone I know. 

A reply to my own post of Oct 8 2019.........That account was of Infants School !

I can recall teachers names from Juniors :  The beautiful Miss Jenner !,   The oft feared Mr Lunney (magnificent voice but think he enjoyed a tipple),   Mr Shepherd,  from Yorkshire/Derbyshire area. Grumpy looking bruff voiced bloke but told wonderful tales of his growing up in the countryside. Used to have me spellbound. Think he is responsible for my later appreciation of nature. Thank you. But he was a top shot with the blackboard rubber.  Also had a habit of approaching seated disruptive naughty boys from behind and thumping you in middle of back when least expected !I

I then went on to South Grove Secondary Modern (60 - 64).   I can recall some teachers from there if anyone interested ?

Hi John. Those names are familiar but I can’t remember much detail. South Grove and Downhills merged in 1964 so did our paths cross again then? 

No Elaine, I left South Grove in July 64.   Had a chance of moving over to Downhills in 62 but I didn't make the grade.      So am I assuming you remained at South Grove until merger in 64 ?    Do you recall any girls or lads names from S.G ?

We (boys) used to play football in SG playground at every opportunity and the ball often got "knocked" onto the flat roof of the modern gymnasium where some of us would scramble up to retrieve it.  This seemed to occur much more often at end of girls PE sessions when they were in showers !  If any girl spotted us peering in through the sky lights at them a big scream would result.   That was the signal for the peepers to get down as quick as possible.  Sometimes a rather stern looking female teacher would race out to try and catch us.    Disgusting eh ?

That's gone on a bit from what was a very simple question and answer eh !



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