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It's so weird. Since I moved to the area just over 2 years it feels like it has changed hands like 6 or 7 times. Every time it's open for like 2 months then closes. Anyone any idea why it never seems to work?

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Don’t forget the abortive cocktail bar thing that the big chap was trying to get off the ground between Opera and Wanda during the summer of 2018.

He had big plans for that place - was aiming at a Brou style place, but either the money dried up or he couldn’t get the licence either.

I had a couple of pints in there - invariably we were alone and he’d come and sit with us, which was a bit unnerving, but the guy was no harm - I felt for him as the plan was solid. It just probably would have done better down in Stoke Newington.

True Craft on West Green Rd just celebrated its first anniversary a month ago.  went there on Friday eve 6.30, full to the rafters with lots of young families as well as couples etc.  That's how to do it, and as per another thread they are taking over the Lord Palmerston on Phillips lane.  Hopefully they'll start looking at Green Lanes although the rates will probably be a big factor.  Agree though, it's odd how wrong some business people are getting it in terms of what will bring the local people out to spend money.  It's almost as if they don't know or don't care, and are aiming at a completely different punter?  Expensive mistake

Totally. I have been meaning to give them a go but can't bring myself to go to WGR...

It's not too far from Seven Sisters tube, definitely worth a visit for a lively ambience, great selection of ales and a freshly made pizza.  They haven't reinvented the wheel, but they've done a great job of spicing up an old (West Green Tavern) pub for a new/ and old audience.

Someone made a point of the lack of nightlife in Green Lanes. Nightlife is much more than merely eating and drinking. What Green Lanes needs is a viable small-scale dedicated live music venue.

The Finsbury tavern 336 Green Lanes

Jam in A Jar 599A Green Lanes

I do get your point, and it's a shame that Balabam has shut down as that really was a good music venue http://www.folkandhoney.co.uk/london/bye-bye-balabam-n332/

Bun has live music just about every weekend, too, although appreciate it’s not dedicated by any means.

There have always been restaurants on Green Lanes and elsewhere where you can find a duo or a trio knowing out background music, but I am thinking of a space where people go specifically to listen to music by new or established bands. I fondly remember nights at the Weavers Arms in Newington Green where an enterprising promoter put on people like Butch Hancock, Joe Ely and Jimmie Dale Gilmour, probably without making any money. That was just a music room in a pub, but it had a stage and a PA.



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