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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just a reminder that Harringay is now a part of the new Hornsey and Friern Barnet constituency. Catherine West our Labour candidate had been MP for the previous constiuency for the past 9 years. Over the last year Catherine has spent a lot of time in Harringay ward and will be out and about here over the next few weeks. Say hello if you see her, she's really friendly and likes nothing better than engaging with voters.

If you would like any information about the campaign message me via HOL. If you would like to show your support for Catherine and a change of government why not put up a poster of a garden stake. Both are free, just contact me and I'll arrange delivery.

Phil Markham - Harringay Labour Branch Secretary

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Many thanks Gordon.

Anonymous Bosch's words suggest he or she has spent a bit too much time at certain protests or is simply ill-informed. I do hope it's the latter and that this particular Dutch painter is not aligned with the less capable Austrian brush stroker.

It’s also the view of The Times of Israel that Netanyahu and others on the right of politics in Israel supported Hamas in order to undermined the Palestinian Authority..


Absolutely disgusting on your part to attempt to discredit me by 

a) calling me misinformed


b) casting aspersions that I'm sympathetic to he who shall not be named

This simply demonstrates that you have no legitimate response to the points i have made - play the ball, not the man!

I was amused by your original unedited post accusing people of casting 'asperations' on you.

Yeah. That's why i amended it

I'd hate to give people the ammunition to attack the man and not the ball - i hope you're not trying to do that by highlighting an autospell error. That would be an awfully shabby trick, eh Gordy old chap?

Let's see if Esther Cohen wants to address my points

Not at all AB. It was just funny.

Dear  Mr or Ms Bosch,
Like me you seem to be trying to have a grown-up dialogue about the War in Gaza and on the West Bank. That's a respectful and potentially useful way to proceed.

But can I suggest that you don't respond to your critics bait.
Instead please reconsider the time spent replying to HoL members who think it's "funny" when other members reply to serious points with amusement at some slight mistakes. Also by belittling you and name calling.

It may be that the main reason the Pro-Israel lobby are upset or even angry, is that they realise the far right-Israeli  government is losing the argument. That hundreds of thousands of fair-minded people in many countries went beyond their initial horror from 7 October 2023.

Now people have had time to build a more informed view. A view that also integrates the further horrors meted out to all the residents of Gaza - a large proportion of whom are women and children.
Reports have since sped round the entire world, showing the piling-up of evils and horrors from the collective punishments inflicted by the genocidal Israeli rulers over the past nine months.

Why have some pro-IsraeI minds here in the UK apparently become closed ?

There's a wonderful Israeli journalist named Amira Hass. Last month in a visit to New Yprk she offered a possible explanation why many ordinary Israelis may now prefer to shut their minds to the genocide inflicted on Gazans.
I will look up the video - check the current link and post it here later.

So what point are you aspiring to make?

Anyone talking about "resetting to 7 Oct" is beyond the pale. It basically implies that something happened before then to justify Hamas' unprovoked massacre of innocent men, women and children, rape and hostage taking which occured on that date. Nothing justified that! Nothing!

Hamas' plans were meticulous and long in the making. I ask why then did they not attack an army patrol or base instead of a music festival? They deliberately sought out innocent and mostly defenceless people to torture and murder solely because they were Israelis.

Thank you, JamesN for doing the work for me and others to quickly access the detailed text of Labour's Parliamentary Motion - apparently dating from 15 November 2023, signed by Shadow Ministers including David Lammy MP and Catherine West MP.

My reading of the wording is that this motion did NOT call for a ceasefire - as you say.  But I do not see that Catherine "abstained" from Labour's motion as you allege.  I am far from as nimble-witted as I once was so by all means correct me.
Her tweet referred to "Labour’s motion setting out a path to an enduring cessation of fighting and a two-state road to peace." The wording of the motion is referred to on her own website; together with added comments by Catherine herself giving her views - including why she does did not vote for an immediate ceasefire.

Personally I would have preferred to see all members of Parliament vote for an immediate Ceasefire. 
But I can also understand why many MPs would have wanted to support the new Principle-free Prime Minister who appears to be a Zionist when it suit his purposes.

I strongly imagine that Catherine West's priority  is to stop the killing, maiming, and destruction.

The attempted Genocide of the civilians of Gaza is now plain to half the world.

If only it were so. However it's recently been revealed that Catherine West, like David Lammy is a supporter of Labour Friends of Israel, an organisation devoted to promoting the interests of Israel, regardless of its genocide, apartheid and recent barbaric act of slaughtering 400 people in Rafah. When I revealed this on her Facebook page, she bravely blocked me..

Philip, I detached from Facebook quite a while ago. But if you were making an informed and reasonable argument I would like to see what you posted on Catherine West's page. I don't know her closely as I live in Tottenham Constituency ).  However  the experience of friends who know Catherine reasonably well is not of someone who refuses to engage in open and civil debate.

I'm not a Zionist nor have ever wanted to join Labour Friends of Israel. But there are some remaining socialists in the Labour Party. And there are still Leftists in Israel/Palestine. I would not seek to prevent people visiting that country especially if they take the opportunity to see the Apartheid and ethnocentrism for themselves. Rather than listen to or read the propaganda churned out by the Israeli State machinery.

It's surprising how few people know about these boundary changes which are quite significant. Some Wood Green wards (including mine) will be part of a constituency which will stretch up between Enfield and Barnet all the way to the M25. Some of these were/are affluent Conservative areas, although down in the polls generally it may still tip the almost permanent Labour status quo.



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