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I bought a patio heater some months back but sadly have not even unpacked it , due to health reasons

I paid £ 90 . Here is a  link to the Maguire and Weir website where it is described.

I would include a photo of it  still packed but I cant make this work! 

Id hope someone would like to take it and use, for £45. Its heavy - for me, at least. 


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Fyi to buyers. I've got two of these. They are quite effective and robust. 

Hi there;

The link doesn't seem to work for me.  If you can send it again, that would be great.


Hi cowper The link above works fine for me but here it is again direct off the website 


Is this still available? If so I am interested. Can you let me know where it is located?

Sorry not to get back sooner Yes it is . Ill request a DM to you 



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