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TFL today announced £1m for the 'Wood Green Major Scheme'. This is described as being designed  to "make urban realm improvements to the town centre, focusing on pedestrian and cycling accessibility, tackling traffic congestion, road safety, bus service reliability and parking and loading issues".

Those who were in the area in 2008 will remember the plan to pedestrianise Wood Green town centre and so divert traffic along Wightman Road.

Significant opposition by residents led to the plan being axed, we thought. But the following year, in 2009, it seemed like it was being revived with TfL funding.

I'm not clear yet whether this latest news means that the traffic scheme and  with it the fallout on Harringay is back. A quick trawl of Haringey's transport strategy didn't give any obvious answers. (But perhaps it will to someone else).

I'm dropping a note to ask the cabinet council member, local councillor Nilgun Canver to clarify the similarity between the 2008 scheme and the one announced today.

I must admit to being a little surprised at all this since I've been in several meeting recently with the Head of Haringey Transport and Councillor Canver about the Green Lanes Corridor work and, unless my memory has totally failed me, the Wood Green project hasn't been mentioned. If the scheme announced today is the 2008 scheme revived, this would be particularly surprising given the huge impact it could have on our area.

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Q& A with Cllr Canver:


Q: Following today's announcement about funding for the 'Wood Green Major Scheme', please can you tell me how this relates to this scheme that was proposed in 2008. You may well remember the concern expressed at the time about the increase in traffic on the Ladder that would be caused by the closing Wood Green High Street to all but public transport. Is this aspect still a part of the scheme announced today?


A: No it’s not. I’ll send you the details of what the money is for as soon as I can.


So that sounds like good news then.

Any news on this, Hugh?

There's a reference to it in this document, with the note that it will be developed next year and implemented 2013/4, but that's all I could find online.


No news other than Cllr Canver's initial response. Feel free to remind me in a few weeks' time and I 'll follow up with the cllr.



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