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People who regularly use the bus stop at the end of Hewitt / Allison may have been frustrated to find that it's been "temporarily" closed for the last few weeks. Well, cross your legs; it's going to be a long wait.

Apparently this goes back a long time from when the parking on GL was changed. As a result of the changes around the bus stop, Tfl needed to move the bus stop further up the road for safety reasons. Just prior to implementing the move however, the Council discovered that they'd left someone out of the consultation whose driveway the change would effectively block. So things had to be put on hold.

The way forward has now been agreed and apparently the bus stop will stay put. But there is a chronic shortage of engineers at the Council. This means that the work to implement the change to the parking arrangements which will enable the bus stop to be reopened won't be carried till March-May next year.

A tempoarary bus stop is supposed to have been placed 70 metres up the road, but none yet has been put in place.

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I agree that people can be a little lazy. I often walk back from Manor House for the exercise. But it's nice for people to have the choice if they're late for work in the morning and use the bus to get to work.

Elderly and partially disabled people do suffer from reducing bus stops unfortunately. Also, the reality is that with people being who they are, more bus stops encourage the use of public transport. So more bus stops means more use of public transport.
So, we should be gertting our bus stop back in the next six weeks.
There has always been a replacement bus stop at the end of Allison Road, saves me five seconds : )
I know mate, I made sure it was put there. They'd been trying to wriggle out of it. At the time I wrote this post only the one further up the road was there,
The permanent bus stop has reopened - I don't know how long ago this happened because I've been getting the train, but it was open this morning...
That's good news! Thank you for telling us.



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