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Don't hold me to the truth of this, but my neighbour just knocked on my door to tell me that he's just seen a punch-up in Sainsbury's car park caused by the traffic congestion.

Perhaps Glyn might be able to tell us the real story.

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Was anyone else there?
I believe it! That carpark makes me want to punch someone too. Mainly the idiot who gave planning permission though.
Hugh, do you have any idea where the council / Arena are with getting this complete nightmare resolved? I believe the councl hinted at March back in January?
They did. I think their magic wand solution of traffic light synchronisation has now been pushed back to May. Let's hope it'll be worth waiting for - though many are sceptical about its chances for making a significant difference.
Excellent, we all lose. The customers who can't use the new facilities because we can't leave by car - yes I know I can walk, but not with my weekly shop from Sainsburys or a big 10 kg bag of compost from Homebase - and the shops, as customers will go elsewhere. Most likely somewhere we can get in and out of easily. Waitrose in Holloway, I'm coming back to you!
Something is sooo wrong here, and the person who gave this whole fiasco it's permission should be sacked. Why on earth have they pushed this back? It's an issue they need to address, this head in the sand tactic should not be allowed, it's not going to go away. ARRGHHH!
Rant over. For now.
As well as the lights being green for such a short time, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that many people queue across the junction going from south to north. So even when you do eventually get to the front of the queue and your light turns green, there is some moron blocking the junction.

I am planning some DIY tomorrow and planning on walking from Homebase with all of my supplies, or even thinking about going somewhere else in the car. It's ridiculous, but once bitten twice shy and all that. It took me an hour and a half to get to Cavendish Road a few weeks ago. Never again.
I have just been told by the nice man at Sainsbury's customer service desk that they will open up a second entrance to the car park during peak hours (I think this is Friday - Sunday). He said this will be at the back of the car park onto Finsbury Park Avenue. Cars will therefore exit to Green Lanes via Hermitage Road. Both Finsbury Park Avenue and Hermitage Road are narrow residential roads with traffic lights at Green Lanes allowing just three cars to through every few minutes. The council have given temporary permission and it will begin this week. Imagine my joy at this news, as I live off Hermitage Road and now the punch ups will be in my very own street. There is however a bright side, I can make some cash by filming them and sending it to Police Camera Action
Sorry to hear the downside for you TK ('scuse the abbreviation), but it seems sensible for the area. Now the trick is to get the Council to unblock Hermitage (hope that's not bad news for you too).
Sadly that is not a solution as the cars have to get onto Green Lanes somehow and the only way to unblock Hermitage Road is to change the phasing of the lights and thereby slowdown access from Endymion and the dreaded Arena.

Also, I'm not convinced that allowing massive traffic increase into what is currently a dead end residential area (and I use the term in both senses) is a kindly or wise action by our local authority.
You're right; probably piecemeal remedies are not the answer. We've been pushing for a Harringay-wide traffic survey to look at all Harringay's traffic problems. Just to meddle with one road wasn't a sensibel suggestion from me!
If you have any good ideas about how to get a traffic survey let me know and I'll join in the push. Meanwhile I'm sharping my pencil for a sturdy letter to the council pending this weekends roadblock. Or maybe it will all be ok and we won't see any difference.....
Well, there were some promising noises about a holistic solution at the last Green Lanes Strategy Group. We're waiting to see if noises will equal action. I ran a residents' priorities survey here last month which put traffic as residents' number one priority. The GLSG are looking at that at its next meeting and I've also got the lead councillor on GLSG interested in the concept of a Local Charter for Harringay. (Update on both here)
Blimey you've done loads, well done. I'll watch for your posts about the strategy group as that would seem to be the place for decisions and do let me know if you would like support with the charter. Meanwhile I'll be joining those Arena shoppers in the line to get out of my own road.



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