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The following is from an 1899 survey of London's water supply published in The Lancet. The passage describes arrangements for the New River.

The general work which has constantly to be done is that the banks of the river have to be kept in a good state of repair, the weeds which grow in the stream have to be cut, and trespassers have to be prevented from doing any damage to the water or to the banks. In order that these things may be efficiently carried out, the river is divided into twelve divisions or "walks." Each walk is under the care of two men, the senior of whom is called the "walksman" and the assistant the "walksman's mate". It is the duty of these men constantly to perambulate the river to keep off all cowans and intruders, to repair the banks where necessary, and to cut the grass on the walks which extend on both sides of the greater part of the course of the river.

Harringay was in Walk 2 which stretched from Stoke Newington up to Tottenham Lane.

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Comment by Hugh on July 31, 2020 at 15:52

Comment from Victor Farthing on this photo in another discussion.

Hugh I think this is who us kids on Woodberry Down Estate in the 1950/60's called Red Beret. You see in this photo hes wearing a Thames Water cap with badge,special occasion I guess for the photo, because he always wore a red beret. We called him "Strawberry nut" That dog was off the leash on the river bank. Friend of mine had hes backside bit after climbing over the fence to retrieve hes football. He just couldn't get back quick enough. Those were the days! Now you can walk most of the river.

Back in the day the river was full of fish and very clean,the river was always maintained by workman in boats with scythes cutting the reeds back,no algae in those days. No bricks and shopping trolleys! Its a sorry sight these days at the Woodberry Down stretch.
Comment by Hugh on January 30, 2022 at 19:50

Possible Edwardian walksman here.

Comment by Roy aka Smiffy on February 11, 2022 at 10:19

Many years ago (the late 60’s) the magnificent and grand New River Head building in Roseberry Avenue had an open day.

On display were many documents and maps. There were several uniform items, a cap and tunic, buttons and badges. Most impressive was the brass short barrelled flintlock carbine. The muzzle was engraved (as far as I can remember) ‘New River Company’ also on display was a short cutlass, many types of turnkeys, valves, along with pieces of wooden (elm?) trunk pipes.

I wonder where all these artefacts are now.

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