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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

While Mrs E might have been a stalwart of the Beautiful Harringay Society in 1908, by 1968 she would no doubt have been interested in this...

A Tory landslide in the local elections saw Haringey council completely controlled by the Conservative Party 53 seats to 7.

In an strange echo of today's Big Society intiative, the Conservatives proposed a self help scheme for residents in Hornsey, Wood Green and Tottenham. In a 'blunter' style than perhaps would be used today: "suspicious and withdrawn hard core of ratepayers"; "a planning panel who can give answers, man to man, to residents", The Times Local Government correspondent outlines how Haringey council proposes that residents join the campaign to clean up their environment! Plus ca change, eh?

Of course, by 2008, she was joining the Community Volunteers

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@will hoyle Nice to see you come out with same old hetero clichees.. Disposable income etc., I've got a photo for you: He posed just for people like you:

You're mixing the two, order and uniforms: Uniforms were part of the nazi party and it's been written over and over again about what part the homoerotic, aesthetic and 'put the world to right ideas' had to do with the nazis.. Have you never heard of the 30 June 1934?

so a couple of photos - could be seen in London, Berlin, Paris anywhere, perhaps you could answer - Nazis or Gay men?

Most right wing parties have elements in them that crave for law order.. and these are not unsimilar to the ideas of faschist parties.. The tory party has it's uniform too - in the 1980s it was middle aged men in naff M&S suits . Today the suits are also important..

I reckon Justin probably does have boots etc., if not, he's not the sort of Gay person I know.. I'm not sure he'll be happy to see you smirking

To sum up, the problem you have is that you can't see that the tory party is a right wing party with faschist tendencies..

Just see a few of the latest policy moves and it's plain as day..

The nazis always banged on about Germany being better, the best and all that twaddle.. the tories say just the same about Britain.. but then it's called patriotic not faschist.

You see being the BEST implies that you are superior, better than others.. get it now?
Have you never heard of Paragraph 175 ?
I think James and Steve are both right.
The Thatcher/Reagan/Pinochet club of the 1980's had more common friends and go-betweens than Milton Friedman and Alan Walters. No doubt some admirers still fondly recall the good Baronness's comforting visit to the kindly old statesman languishing under house arrest in the unspeakable torture dungeons of Wentworth, Surrey, under the jackboot regime of the murderous tyrant Jack Straw. She brought him English tea, as I recall, praised him for helping us against the Argies, lauded him for bringing democracy and good government to Chile, and thanked him for helping to pacify her own former trouble makers with Tescofuls of affordable ValdeVieso and Casilleras del Diablo.
This discussion has gone so far from its original point about historical precedents for current intiatives that I think its time to give it a rest. I saw the connection of 1988 to 1968 JUST but the way its now veering is too far from the core. Sorry, I'm putting the Gone Fishin' sign up.



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