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Thanks for letting me onto this very interesting site.

I've lived in the borough since 1980 but known it from the 70s.

I was interested in the postcard of the Unwin Arms and shops opposite, I do remember the tall buttressed wall (now demolished) that ran from the top of Turnpike Lane up Wightman Road. What I would be interested to know what was the pub on the corner of Sydney Road and Wightman Road, a friend of mine remembers drinking there but cannot remember the name of it.  

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That was well dug out! With that info I was able to find the following reference to a letter written in 1899 and now in the London Metropolitan Archives (Ref: MA/C/L/088/025)* :

Letter: The Abyssinian, Spencer Road, Hornsey Vale, (additions).; Plans of existing premises, Cannon Road and Spencer Road elevations, first floor, basement. Plans of additions, block plan, ground floor (coffee room), Canon Road elevation; dimensions mar (sic.)

That whole was demolished for redevelopment in the Sixties.

Below from 1893-96 map overlaid on modern map. If you click the picture enlarge it, you'll see the old map later better. 

Note: As of 13 Oct 2023, with regard to the 1899 letter, the LMA Archivist has told me, "Unfortunately though it is noted on the catalogue as no longer being in our collection. This series was largely re-catalogued around 20 years ago and unfortunately of the run of documents with the references MA/C/L/088/002-060 only four of them have location indexes suggesting that that either these were missing at the time they were re-catalogued or they were re-catalogued and the new locations were not noted."

Many thanks for this info, the area must have been cleared in the late 60's, I remember working in a couple's house in Barnet and they told me that they used to live in Hornsey Vale but had to relocate to the new house due to the planned demolition. 

Yes the former pub is under Hornsey School for Girls's playing field, by the goal area!!

As a lad in the 60's I remember a bookbinders or printers just there too.



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