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I bought this plant about seven years ago at some garden I visited. I planted it in partial shade and for years had a completely unexceptional little plant that did nothing but produce a few leaves. I mainly forgot about it including its identity.

When we redid the fencing last year, I put it in a pot and it ended up in a sunny spot and this year it produced a crop of apricot coloured flowers for about a month in the Spring. I wouldn't call it a stunner, but its an addition to the garden that I appreciate.

I've now found out that its a Perennial golden pea / Lathyrus aureus. My specimen has grown to about 18 ins or so. According to the RHS, its ultimate height is 0.5-1 metre. Following flowering it produced pea pods, the contents of  which have now matured into small seeds (peas). I assume that it will be relatively straightforward to propagate from seed. (See it on the RHS plant finder). 

The pods twist to eject the seeds which makes for an unusual and atrractive post-flowering display. So, I haven't collected all the seeds. I suppose I have about 20 or 30. But if anyone would like to have a go at growing their own golden pea, you're welcome to a few seeds.

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Hi Hugh,

what a lovely plant. I would love a few seeds to try and grow this! Will connect.


Hello Hugh, that's very lovely and thoughtful. I would love to grow such a plant!

I've accepted both of your connection requests. So, you can now meesage me.



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