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Where do people buy their garden related stuff? Any recommendations?

I used to rely on Homebase for heavy things like compost, but since it is now gridlocked for most of the weekend, I don't drive there anymore.

Now I tend to go to the garden centre at Alexandra Palace and the Sunshine Garden Centre on Durnsford Road. Neither are particularly cheap for plants (but where is?) and I'm afraid neither is very convenient by public transport. Where do others go?

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There is a garden centre on Wolves Lane (just off White Hart Lane) which also has a tropical room with goldfish and butterflies, and a desert room with cacti (both great for children), and lots of plants further towards the back of the garden centre. I think this garden centre also supports disabled groups too.

If you are willing to head further afield, there is a world of garden centres in Enfield. Go up the A10 and take the last turning on the left before you hit the M25 - this turning is Bullsmoor Road. This road has Capel Manor Horticultural and Environmental Centre on the right, and a garden centre on the left. If you keep going on this road, veering left into Bulls Cross (which then leads into Forty Hill), you'll see garden centre after garden centre.

Good luck!
Why drive? You can take the train right to Crews Hill from Harringay. Make sure you get on the right branch and allow time to check out everything - some are better than others. There's a place where they make big sturdy trellis. And you can order bulk compost, topsoil, gravel, stones etc for delivery.
Actually, you have to turn right off Bullsmoor Road just after Capel Manor and carry on till you reach a T junction, then right for the garden centres at Crews Hill. This area is a remnant of the once-thriving market gardens and glasshouses that used to feed London before cheap imports and supermarkets.
Thanks Helen. I went to Wolves Lane last week - I'd not heard of it before (I read about it on one of Liz's post and was delighted there was somewhere so near).

I was a bit disappointed to be honest - most of the extra rooms were shut and a lot of the plants were in serious need of a good watering. I hope I was just a bit early in the season and they were just starting to get things sorted out. I'm interested in their story though - I've not come across a garden centre with EU funding before!
That's a shame, as we've only had good experiences there. Let's hope it's a temporary blip.



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