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Yasar Halim has passed away - Heart Felt Condolences to all his family

Just heard this sad news:


He set up an amazing bakery and food store in 1981! 

My condolences to his family and friends.

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That is very sad news indeed. Yasar Halim is such a great part of Green Lanes Harringay.

Yasar Halim left a great legacy. i love his store. Very best wishes to his family.

Very sad. He will be much missed.

How sad and not t that old

i also feel so very ignorant, as I’m not really sure what he looked like, although I have shopped there 2-3/ week for years, guess he must have been the slightly older looking fella always around. Best shop in green lanes, always has been

Oh that is so sad. What a wonderful deli and bakery he set up. Condolences to his family.

Yasar's shop was our own "John Lewis" of Mediterranean food; unbeatable in terms of quality, reliability, service and value. For many years Mediterraneans would come to his shop regularly from as far as South London for their shopping.

In the old days we used to see him often dining at his friend's Joseph's Arocaria Restaurant in Crouch End (as well as Joseph shopping at his shop).

He was part of our local history, an exemplar of high quality trader and a key contributor to making Green Lanes the great place that it is today.





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