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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

From the Woodlands Park Residents' Association Yahoo Group:

Today this Glenwood Road household received its copy of the Council's propaganda mag, "Haringey People", in the post. Sometimes the copy we receive has a local news section for St Anns and Harringay wards. But the copy that arrived today contained a local news section ... for Wood Green! As if we need to know about their Area Assemblies! But it would be nice to know about ours, if any!


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Ours had local news from Tottenham and Seven Sisters! Clearly something is amiss...
the 'my haringey' delivered to my address today in hornsey is for highgate, muswell hill etc.
90% of folk don't even read it so don't care.
I'm a big peed off with the mess up because the GRA are in it this month
most people I talk too didnt get the right mag -
I like to know whats going on generally in our Borough so I like the People Mag -
Not sure about different sections though I want to know all about all parts of the Borough?

Andy GRA
Got Wood Green



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