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One of the things I really miss with all the cafes being shut is that if I want to work but not from home there isn't anywhere to go. In the days BC I would go to the British Library or Music and Beans but now I have to work from home where there is the ever present distraction of young children. Are there any local places one can go to work-I'm a writer so basically only need a laptop and internet- that can be a substitute while we wait for cafes and libraries to reopen?

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You could throw a blanket over one of the wicker domes in chestnuts park, but the local kids might get a bit miffed! 

Could you set up a hotspot from your phone?

You chose to have children, right? Tough. Put up with it. I have to listen to my neighbours' children bouncing footballs around, screaming, shouting and yelling, ringing doorbells for "a laugh" despite myself choosing to not breed.

Wow. Rude. Some people forget that they were once children and your parents chose to breed too or you wouldn't be here would you Paul C? 

"despite myself choosing not to breed".. Are you certain it's your own choice? 

I feel your pain Sarfraz, and am in a similar position, albeit in a different profession.

This might sound a bit weird but St Ann's hospital has amazing WiFi that reaches outside. If the weather is good it's a beautiful place to work.

I found a bench and caught up with some admin whilst waiting for the x-ray dept to open. I haven't been there for a while so I can't tell you whether or not the construction work is noisy or if the hospital is in fact,  open what with all this Covid shizzle. Nevertheless, give it a try. 

The benches are all closed and taped off, as are the toilets, and the sport and play areas. 



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