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How many freelancers are there that work on or around the ladder who might sometimes want an office space at very reasonable rate on a completely 'ad hoc' basis?


This is the idea behind The Melting Pot (TMP) in Edinburgh - and apparently lots of places in London though I don't know any. 


I realise a social enterprise of that type is unlikely to pay the bills entirely on a building as huge as the Queen's Head. However, located near the park, 2 mins from tube, centre of a thriving and diverse community. It would depend on a large number or 'critical mass' thinking it was a good idea and a few people with the savvy to make some moves on it - I can't find my way through all the threads about ownership to work out if we know yet what the legal status/ or ownership status is on the place. But if, say, the first floor were kitted out as office space, area for tea/coffee, small meeting spaces, I dunno, it sounds like a creative idea that could catch on.

"The Queen's Head - giving freelance professionals in Harringay the space they need"


Grabbed you yet?

I urge you to open the documents attached and get the 'concept' of the Melting Pot - it's not one I'd come across.

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I passed a set-up similar to this in the Borough High Road yesterday, almost opposite the market  - a pub has been turned into short let office space which may have been funded by building a block of flats next door. You would need a seasoned property developer to make this work, I suspect. Such schemes require a very high rate of return on capital to attract funding. I would much prefer to see the building used as a pub, with flats or offices above.

I have no idea what an " eco-funky" office is, but let that flee stick tae the wa' :-)


I've worked as a freelance professional and I had premises kitted out as office space, with area for tea/coffee and a small meeting space - it was my flat.

These hot-desking facilities can, as you say, work but in a geographical area of specfic activity, such as the City (Finance ), or Soho (Media ), where it's too expensive to live on top of the job but the freelance  needs a base  that is physically close to his clients so he can go and pitch proposals, negotiate, schmooze etc.

I can't think of any such specific concentration of economic activity in Harringay. If a businessman needed ad-hoc office facilities in Harringay  he would be much more likely to set up home here and set tax relief on  office expenses against his domestic outgoings.


NB - in the above, masculine references include the feminine :-)


I think this is a really good idea. There are a number of freelancers working in this neighbourhood and many who would be willing to pay for a sociable work-space locally, particularly if it had a cafe/bar attached. It would be a huge undertaking to make it happen and I recommend you get a team to support you if you choose to take it on. That this iconic landmark in our community sits boarded up is a real shame. I was interested in trying to turn the pub into a creative hub but in the end discovered that the undertaking would have been too much work alongside all the other work I already do. However, if I can help with your idea let me know.


On a different note: the offices opposite the Salisbury are sitting empty and might be a good alternative for this project. However, I find the building completely uninspiring as may you. Would certainly be less rennovation though!

I agree with this aspect:

"for a sociable work-space locally, particularly if it had a cafe/bar"


But I think this might be different from a fully economically-supported hot-desking outfit, a la central London. I crave a local glorified reading room/long-term working cafe with wi-fi that I could walk to on days when I might work at home. I could buy lots of snacks/coffee, but I couldn't pay a desk 'rent'.


Neighbourhood hubs/tentpoles like the Ritzy Cinema (Brixton - the persistence of which, next door to a Tate library, but overlooking a drug-dealing spot, pretty much enabled the recent remodelling of the surrounding square) provide that kind of environment and I think it's what's lacking around here.  It's not quite the same model as suggested above, but I think it's more sustainable.  See Williamsburg for comparison:


PS. Alice mentioned the offices opposite the Salisbury - you mean what used to be a cinema (and therefore our potential local Ritzy-ish corner)? Demolishing cinemas is always a terrible, terrible idea...

Pubs are often wi-fi for those that want to pop in with laptop and do some work or meet someone. They double up as cafe, serving good simple food and coffee. No real need for offices and as others say you need an economic hub to feed off which doesn't exist here.


See closer to home over there in Hackney for inspiration, who are way ahead of Haringey; Wilton's

They've added a community radio station which broadcasts from the Wilton's cafe itself, called London Field's Radio. The guys who set the cafe up have another business over in Notting Hill.

Talking of Hackney: the same cultural hub process has just been catylized by Cafe Oto in Dalston:



Now that the Arcola theatre has moved next door:



And on the other side, the Print House Gallery:



A pub may offer wi-fi, but I think all these examples show how the main building ideally needs a certain kind of cultural function/ weighting, and a good coffee machine.

Yes, upstairs at the Queen's Head would have excellent space for artist's studios. Apparently there's a ball room upstairs according to Dave, landlord at Salisburys Tavern, who has seen it. The owner of the Salisbury's apparently looked at the QH but didn't go ahead, for reasons I can't remember. Feel free to enquire with Dave.

I agree with you regarding artists studios, also possible rehersal space for dance ,theatre , and music. I work in the theatre and know that companies are always looking for reasonably priced venues to rehearse, have fittings etc. There is a new theatre being built in finsbury park..... possible feed for that?

Cafe/cool bar/restaurant  downstairs ?

Money of course is the issue ,but could be an exciting alternative to all the local kebab shops !

Continuing on the diversification theme, I know a few people around North London that travel to London Hackspace for access to a bench multimeter and an oscilloscope for a couple of hours - that's certainly an area of need that is on the increase and is basically just a desk and a modest test rig.

One recent high-profile shared space you might be interested in as a point of reference is TechHub: http://www.techhub.com/


I've not used it and have no affiliations.


I like the idea of having a community space like that locally but to make it viable would take more than just a few people looking for wi-fi and coffee. 

I think this is a marvellous idea.  


I'd been chewing over the same kind of thing myself actually (although hadn't thought of the Queen's Head as a likely venue!)


As the Big Green Bookshop will vouch I've worked there in the corner a couple of times in the last month or two because I needed somewhere local to go but had to get out of the house etc. 


There is nothing suitable locally at the moment, as far as I know, bar renting a desk in the corner of someone else's office in, say, the Chocolate Factory. 


Obviously a massive amount of work etc, but anyone interested in getting together to discuss it?







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