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I am not sure if people have already seen this. It would see that the council is proposing breaking up of the Wood Green CPZ. Strangely I appear to be having problems locating the page for this on the web site but I have the links.

Proposed break up of wood green cpz.

Map of new Zones

Personally I am not very happy about it as I loved the flexibility being a member of the wood green CPZ gave me. I often visited Russell park and Lord ship Rec, better than mixing with the colourful characters on Duckettes. Clearly it is being done to prevent any local travel, Ironically it is now actually easier for me to visit places like Elthorne Park, that have far better time restrictions than the blanked 8:00-6:30 so popular in Harringey. From my point of view this is going to do nothing to improve my environment as I live on Lausanne Road is used as a rat run by everyone. The regulations don't cover sundays, then the church in the old Cinema by Duckettes has people parking everywhere. Rather than keeping me local, this kind of thing is driving me away from the area!

I don't expect the consultation to do anything, its just something they have to do before ignoring us and doing this "for our own good".


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I know who you are referring to MLD. Unless you have asked, you simply don’t know if the person has mobility issues that prevents them from walking a few streets to the tube station.

The consultation specifically asks if you are happy with the CPZ hours of operation, so you have the opportunity to raise the issue of Sunday parking.

I don't get the impression that the proposed changes prevent people with disabilities from parking in allocated spaces.

If they have mobility issues get a blue badge. And to me if they can walk onto a tube and travel around they can walk or get a bus to the tube. Disabled people  can't and coming home and going in circles to park cos they even take my disabled bay as they think no-one will check outside of cpz hours is unfair

It was a massive problem there Nick, before CPZ the roads were choc-a-bloc with commuters cars. I lived at 191 Langham between 1982-86, loved it there although I didn't own a car at the time. 

It was dreadful years ago. Although did improve due to the amount multi occupancies along with tube and shop Parker’s the problem is back. We must know each other as I live opposite and have all my life

I think the changes make sense. The zones are there for residential parking, and the re-zoning is deliberately designed to reduce the local traffic generated by the kind of journey you are talking about ie. driving from Lausanne Road to Lordship Rec. I live on Effingham Road and the new zones adequately provide for me to park for residential purposes.

I should dearly like to know whether the officials who proposed these changes have any reliable data as to what proportion of vehicle movements on our residential streets are made by residents' cars (as opposed to non-residents including through traffic).

Personally, I live just outside the WG zone in the GLA(orB) zone.  It means I can, in principle, park anywhere on either side of the Green Lanes shopping strip.  This can be convenient but I don't often do it unless I have something heavy to pick up or I am en route to somewhere further afield.

I see. So you’re asking, ‘Did they follow the science?’.

I thought that had gone out of fashion in English administrative circles. 

If I get your drift Hugh, we can expect a last minute U turn if the political twitterati produce enough of a chorus of discontent.


You ge’meh!

Rather a joke. My house is in the inner zone. But has double yellow lines. So I park in outer zone when able. Was advised when they brought in outer zone. Many issues. Reason they never enforced it. Issue is they have sold more permits than parking spaces.

Only to be expected from Our Current Elected Ward Councillors  



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