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Does anyone have any memories or photographs of the above? The Wonderloaf bakery was a huge white building situated opposite the 'T' junction with Perth Rd in the 60s and 70s. The Jubly factory which made the triangular iced lolly things, was on the opposite side, and just along from the Haringey FC ground. It was set slightly back from the road, and their delivery trucks parked in front of the building. It was adjacent to a footpath which led up to Devonshire Hill Lane. From my memory, which could be wrong, the building was red brick and their trucks green with an orange logo.

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Do remember it and the smell of Fresh Bread

A Junction well worth avoiding at school times

Here are a couple of photos od the Wonder Bakery. My filename for the aerial view suggests that I wasn't 100% sure the subject. Perhaps you could confirm.

Yes Hugh, that's it, thank you! The area to the top of the picture where the New River Sports centre is now, was for years a wild overgrown wilderness, which extended up to Wolves Lane. It was a scary place to go when I was a kid, but still went there. The garage opposite the triangular green was still there in the early 80s... Does anyone recognise the make of trucks?

Bedford (General Motors) I think - see pictures here and here of trucks dated 1950 - the bonnet louvres and radiator detailing are a match, also the cutaway mudguards.

Yes, that looks like them, thank you Gordon.

I remember the Wonderloaf Bakery. The rich aroma of baking bread permeated the entire area. At night Wonderloaf delivery vans were visible through a high wire fence, parked outside the building on White Hart Lane, waiting to be loaded up for early morning bread deliveries. I didn’t ever view the early mornings but it would have been a hive of activity and I know the vans went out at an incredibly early hour. 



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