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My curiosity about the hiatus in progress on Wightman Road got the better of me earlier in the week. So I rang Highways and got the following info:

1. The resurfacing that's going to be done is finished. That's yer lot.
2. The "calming" works are due to start next week and should take about three weeks.

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And again, Hugh, thanks for asking the question. Highways, Haley and Haringey's Frontline have for years had a very curious pitch-and-patch approach to mending Wightman, and I suppose every other road east of the railway.

They redid the pavements from Turnpike to Effingham in 2008 "on the word of their roads engineer" (according to Haley) when even or especially a blind man could see that it was the pavements from the Rlwy Bridge to Hewitt that were crying out for some bitmac and restructuring.

In December last they announced the repair of pavements from Atterbury to Mattison, leaving the middle section untouched for another year - once again ignoring the thirty signatures (including Karen's) I handed in in response to their "3 priorities Consultation" of September 2007. After two months' "work" they've patched the pavements opposite Jewson, by St Paul's, a bit of Burgoyne and a few metres by the Tapas Bar.

The road resurfacing, as you say, stops short at Pemberton - leaving the obviously deteriorating surface from Pemberton to Effingham to absorb all the frost of another hard winter, but they'll cross that bridge no doubt when it falls apart.

Is this how they do it in Muswell Hill and Highgate?
Having cycled the length of Wightman today I'm surprised to read that resurfacing is complete. The southern end's much better, but (heading north) on the downhill stretch from St Paul's Church to Falkland/Fairfax roads there are still plenty of small to medium potholes that could be pretty hairy for cyclists. Notably worse than pre-big freeze, imho.
Agree GB entirely. They can't really be serious that they've finished this resurfacing works! And there's a hole threatening to open up in Wightman Road (opp Hampden); drain slowly collapsing I suspect.
The chap I spoke to was unequivocal and serious (though we may wish he wasn't).
Hugh could you do me a favour and ask what the latest is please? Nothing on Alroy Road yet as promised while other parts of Wightman have had traffic calming. I think that Haringey are committed to completing this if they have a contractor on board. I have heard that other local aurthorities are withdrawing all development from contractors who they havent actually paid or signed up to do work so I'm a bit concerned that it won't be completed.
Colin if you look at the post I've linked to below you'll probably be able to work out that on the current schedule works are due to finish at the end of the coming week. There seem to be a number of works still to finish if you look at the plan attached to the original post.

You'll also see the contact info for the guy who's managing the project.
Latest update on this issue here

All further comments probably best on there, if needs be with a link back here.



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