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Are the works current happening near Jewsons at the moment, the implementation of the results of the traffic study?

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I’ve never noticed that it’s signposted. I guess the key issue now though is digital signposting by the various wayfinding apps and devices. 

I asked the council about reversing direction plan.  Here's the response I got:

Thank you for your enquiry.

The reversal of the one-way working on Warham Road, per the Green Lanes transport study recommendations will be looked at next financial year. Residents will be consulted once a design has been agreed which would require a remodelling of the Warham Road/ Green Lanes/ Salisbury Road junction signals to allow traffic on Warham Road to exit on to Green Lanes.

I hope that you are satisfied with my response to your enquiry.  If you have any follow-up queries or need more information, please contact the Feedback and Information Governance Team in the first instance.

It's now the new financial year so I've asked for a status update.

Well done. I'll be interested to learn what they say. (Did you copy in Cllr Zena Brabazon?)

On a slightly different thing - has anyone found that their car overhangs (sideways) the new car parking bays on Wightman Road? I am really nervous to park in the bays outside out house (except the disabled bay which has suddenly appeared outside our house - neither we nor any of the neighbours requested that and it takes 1 and half spaces of the 5 spaces we have been left with).

I am sure that all bays are a statutory size which begs the question of whether the road actually narrows even further at some places along its length.

There were disabled bays outside 177 and 134. Are they still there? If not, chances are that one of then ended up outside your house. A lot of parking seems to have gone from the central stretch. 

I'll check that out. I've talked to all the neighbours, some of which have got blue badges but none have requested at disabled bay and would rather have the parking spaces back that we can all use.  The only lady whose family may have a need for it said it was too far from their house and they stopped using the one that was near to them because the road it too busy and its too dangerous!

The stupid thing is that you have to jump through all sorts of hoops if you actually request a bay outside your home and we have one which we neither want or need.

No I didn't. What's her email?  I'll add her to the thread.

Any Haringey employee or councillor should be available on first name dot surname @ haringey,gov.uk. That’s certainly the case for Zena. zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk

I’ve also written asking for an update.  I’ll post anything I get back on here.

A quick update.  I just received this reply:

There has been some delay in progressing the reversal of flows in Warham Road due to internal resourcing issues. Nevertheless, the proposal is planned to take place this year and residents will be consulted once a design have been finalised.

And then you get this, which even under the previous parking regime would be deemed selfish and obnoxious. (sorry about the orientation, apparently a problem with the platform...)

It looks like the same person as upthread a bit... is it? I was chastised for suggesting entitlement...



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