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This may not be news to you but not only are Ladder roads affected and Turnpike Lane but the whole of Hornsey Park road is blocked from the junction to Mayes road and beyond. So i turned around and went through Ally Pally to get to Hornsey and the whole of High Street and Priory Road to bottom of Muswell Hill is at a standstill. God knows what rush hour will be like each day and once kids back at school.

That's my rant for the day over.

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I had to walk to an appointment in Stroud Green last night from the mid Ladders area, I would normally have gone by car being a lazy bugger, allowed myself 30 minutes took about 15.  Might do it again and might still do it when Wightman re-opens.  

Might just might start to think about doing more short journeys on foot, might even have a positive impact on my health, it might or it might not but I reckon Spring and Summer 16 might be the time to reengage with my inner walker 

This is definitely the time to have a go at cycling.

I can understand why Harringay residents are put off cycling by Wightman Road  -  I cycle quite a lot and Wightman is by far the most worrying road that I have to cycle on.

Now is the time to have a go - cycling is a great way to get about London.

As things calm down we'd like to draw things together again so we'd ask that people use the main Wightman Closure thread please.



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