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So . . . 3 week closure of Alroy Road from  Monday 5th May . . . Perhaps finally there is some recognition of how much of a problem Wightman Road is.

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Ah Thanks. 

I suspect people not knowing where Alroy Road is is catching some people out. A lot probably assume that Wightman flows straight to Endymion so it doesn't impact on them. Also, it's updated now but, earlier in the week Google maps and Waze were both showing the junction as open which probably encouraged people to carry on through following their sat-navs.

The diversion route is a bit strange, even as far down as Umfreville it is sending people all the way along Wightman up to Turnpike Lane rather than just down the Ladder roads on to Green Lanes.

Traffic on Wightman/Alroy turning right onto Endymion would mostly be expected to continue on Tollington Park towards Stroud Green Road, I'd guess.

Directing traffic back along Wightman, then Turnpike Lane/Tottenham Lane/Ferme Park Rd gets it back to Stroud Green Rd without sending it to the (formerly) busy and complex junction at Finsbury Park or (hurrah, for once!) directing it down the Ladder roads?

Having written above about the unhelpful 'Alroy Road closed' signs, I do like to think the traffic department does put some thought into its work.

Agreed that's the general way they're heading and it makes sense for the more northern ladder roads but if you're heading to Camden from somewhere like Umfreville or Cavendish the diversion is adding a mile and a half or so compared to dropping down the ladder to Green Lanes. Even for somewhere in the middle like Allison it adds an extra mile or so.

Plus, although it's nice to keep the traffic off the ladder that is matched by an increase in Wightman. It just strikes me as a bit strange.

The regular roadworks on Wightman Rd to service the utilities underneath are of course because the road was never intended to take the volume and kind of traffic it does.

"Endymion Rd closed 19/5 - 8/6/20" - traffic sign message on Turnpike Lane. Two weeks more.

Yep,  the three very deep holes have now been filled in, and they have now dug some new ones!

I get the impression that they are replacing quite a lot of gas pipe underground.

People are still ignoring the 'Road Closed' signs & then having to U-turn

As I live in Wightman. I can say this is a lovely time virus aside. Reminds me of the bridge closure summer.. minimal traffic.. loads of cyclists.. (I am now one of them).. now all I need is somewhere to keep it!



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